:: 13 april 2002

Best ::
Dinner with Ann and Paul (whom I had not seen in a few years) and Alan and Mutti. (We went to a restaurant in Chinatown... they had many fake-meat things, so I got the orange beef. Probably no one else would be interested in fried fake-beef stuff, but it made me very happy. I don't get much from the fried-lumps-of-meat food group, obviously, but this was close.)
Return to my regularly scheduled life. (Shut up. It's very scheduled sleeping!)
Visit from a very... enthusiastic... David.
An email from Sarah. (And her putting with receiving at least 6 emails from me in the past 24 hours. Some while drunk, some while upset, tra la la. Sorry.)

Worst ::
Mutti and Alan leaving.

:: 12 april 2002

Best ::
Mutti and Alan arriving - bringing me food from Jungle Jim's, wandering around campus, taking us out to dinner.
Seeing The Royal Tenenbaums again, finally.
The 8-block party? Sort of?

Worst ::
Rainy-bad parents' weekend weather. Unacceptable!
The 8-block party? Sort of?

:: 11 april 2002

Best ::
Spring outside, finally, and me with pigtails and a yellow shirt and butterfly earrings. Ha!
Touching up my roots. I looked dumb.
Various visitors.

Worst ::
Something... not quite sure what.

:: 10 april 2002

Best ::
Several semi-naps.
CVS and Goodwill.
Talking with Eileen and Allen (although it was from my window, oddly enough.)
Pizza etc. with Tiffany and Audrey.
To bed early.

Worst ::
Seminar and sleeplessness and such.

:: 9 april 2002

Best ::
Being somewhat prepared for my classes! (Although I did the wrong reading for history, so I just drew pictures of Surly Rabbit with assorted weapons in my notes. Maybe he will come to live on my webpage for awhile... hmm...)
Laura is here! Hm! She is supposed to be abroad, in England, I don't know if I hold with all this flying back and forth and visiting and so on. I know I stayed in Ecuador the whole time. None of this trucking around to see everyone!
Excessive eye makeup and making crepes and visiting with Amelia and Joy and Audrey and Tiffany. So much better than writing my seminar paper! Which is perhaps a little dangerous.

Worst ::
Having an extra half-seminar at night.
Everything is distressing. I twirled my hair so much that I had to cut a knot out of it, which I haven't had to do in years.
The fact that I am updating this at 6:30 a.m. and the seminar paper still isn't really written very much and I know you need more than four hours of sleep in two days, but I'm just not very smart. I'll sleep this evening. Yes.

:: 8 april 2002

Best ::
Strawberries and watermelon.
Floor space.
Making money off of the vending machine.

Worst ::
Fried cheese.
Emotional control. (Does it count as control when I don't seem to have any say in it? The word is less "control" and more "void," maybe.)
Staple in my slipper. Ow.
Lots of junk food.
Once upon a time, I used to get up at 5 a.m. instead of going to bed then, but I suppose it's all right. I've been hoarding sleep for the past several days anyway.

:: 7 april 2002

Today was so phenomenally uneventful, I've opted not to even tell you about it. Now, what do you think of that? Ha!

:: 6 april 2002

Best ::
Watching the video of Cabaret from the one performance I didn't see. Tape recorded stage shows end up weird, though.
Pictures from Screw from Josh G.
Dinner at Pinocchio's.
Watching Harry Potter - in English this time!

Worst ::
Oversleeping. (Alarm goes off at 8, I get up after 11.)
Still not doing things. And not caring. I am a moron.
Missing the Mixed Company etc. concert and the Boy Meets Tractor show. Grrr.

:: 5 april 2002

Best ::
Up at 8, semi-productivity.
Attempted omelet at Sharples (came out more like scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms, but I don't object to those, either.)
Contra! (dizzy dizzy)
To ML for a movie.

Worst ::
No actual productivity. Who am I kidding? Shit.

:: 4 april 2002

Best ::
An actual nap.
My list of things that must be done. I will do them. No excuses. Yes.
A productivity session with Audrey. We did some reading... better than what I would have gotten done, at least. That would probably have been another nap.
Sharples (HOLA takeover? Well, music and plantains, at least. They played "Bomba Sexy" and the plantains weren't as good as my mother's. Sigh.)
To ML (Square One! and visiting Eileen, and Dan's very bad music.)

Worst ::
Abercrombie & Fitch models? Here? The fuck???
The class I went to.
The meeting I went to.
The class I didn't go to.

:: 3 april 2002

Best ::
Seminar more tolerable than usual. Not that it's normally that bad, I just don't care, normally.
Figuring out how to use the microfilm thing at the library. I'm very clever. Too bad it turned out I didn't need it at all.

Worst ::
Fickle weather. Perfectly lovely when I went to seminar, disgusting and cold when I left.
Hate being sick... have to blow my nose too much and now my entire face seems to be flaking off. Ew.
Worry worry, the usual.

:: 2 april 2002

Best ::
Going to both of my classes, despite being sick.

Worst ::
Both of my classes being stupid and not worth going to today (also many other days)... I'm trying to tell myself it's the principle of the thing.

:: 1 april 2002

Best ::
Ordering in from Happy Wok with Audrey and Tiffany instead of going to Sharples.

Worst ::
Up early to go to campus for no good reason, as it turned out.
Disgusting coughing-sneezing-ick.

:: 31 march 2002

Best ::
Church with Amelia.
Phone calls from Susie & Dad and Mutti.
The cast party (dancing is fun, even when it alternates with uncontrollable coughing).

Worst ::
Nasty drizzly weather.
Mary Lou H. from theater and church at home died... she was only 53, and had twin daughters exactly my age.
No egg dyeing.
Coughing up something pinkish red? Ick.
The cast party (being only slightly sad-drunk and so not able to be amused by much (i.e., everyone else), running off randomly to the playground, crying, falling asleep, waking up, coming home, et cetera... whatever). I was right all along.

:: 30 march 2002

Best ::
E-card from oma and opa.
Dyeing Daniel's hair. (Except he really dyed it himself, and it wasn't all that interesting, but this is all just an excuse for a funny picture.)
Cabaret again.

Worst ::
Striking the set. (Forgot how sad that makes me.)
No Sager for me, but no big loss, really.

:: 29 march 2002

Best ::
Lunch-dinner-meal thing with Tiffany & family.
Seeing Monsters, Inc.... finally! (I first saw the previews last semester when Emily and I went to see Shrek, also finally. And we wanted to see it and wanted to see it and I didn't get around to it until today. Goodness. Cute!)
Visiting Amelia.

Worst ::
Getting a forwarded email from my mother with attached photos titled "Big Pussy," "Giant Pussy" and "Wet Pussy." They were pictures of cats, of course, but...
Disgusting cough.
Sick rats.

:: 28 march 2002

Best ::
Easter package from mutti. (Um... what's up with the Easter kitten stuffed in an egg, and the lacy Easter camisole??)
Theme dressing.
Cabaret. Of course. It was beautiful and shiny and frightening and sad and nipple-glittery! Just like it should be. (And the audience doesn't notice the tiny tiny little things that the director/musical director/producer notices. I promise.) Yayyyyy!
A visit (although short) from Dan.

Worst ::
The apathy is not healthy at all, I've decided.
And now I'm getting sick... I deserve it. I claimed to be sick to skip my seminar, and now I am. It's fair.
Other dumb things I do: go for long walks in the cold wearing a tank top. It didn't seem that cold... only then I couldn't feel my arms, and then when I came inside it felt like they were on fire, and then I fell asleep and an hour later still couldn't stop shivering. Again... not very smart.

:: 27 march 2002

Best ::
CVS for glitter etc. and 320 Produce place for pineapples and sandwiches and deli boys. *ahem* I mean...
Dress rehearsal.
Grapevine's belltower Keetje Show.

Worst ::
No seminar.

:: 26 march 2002

Best ::
Finally paying some of the credit card bill over the phone. (They didn't sound happy. I guess they'd been calling, but I'd been ignoring them because it was a recording that didn't tell me anything useful.)
IMing with Sarah.
Reading fray.

Worst ::
Scary hair. (I wondered what would happen if I put my hair up in little twisty knobs all night. Um. Now I know.)
Skipping my second class.

:: 25 march 2002

Best ::
A vague sense of productivity: mostly involving getting to use two different copy codes at office services, and glittering Cabaret signs, and putting them up, and making a billion copies for Earthlust.
The Earthlust dorm-storming was relatively painless... one guy gave us cookies. And there was a rabbit!
Leftover Chinese food.

Worst ::
Very paper-wasteful day.
An angry letter from the credit card people.

:: 24 march 2002

Best ::
Going to Palm Sunday service with Amelia.
Chinese food (from the non-cockroachiful restaurant).
Clean clothing.

Worst ::
Bits of paper all over.
The Oscars being mostly dumb... and very long...

:: 23 march 2002

Best ::
Ooh... it's my 20 1/2th birthday. Hrm. Not that exciting.
Trip to CVS. *consume consume*

Worst ::
Spending $40 at CVS... small things shouldn't cost so much.

:: 22 march 2002

Best ::
Cute hair and happy about it.
Mulholland Drive.
Visit from Amelia!

Worst ::
Nothing day. (Did nothing productive, but also... just... nothing.)
Seeing Mulholland Drive in upper Tarble while the ultimate party was going on downstairs in Paces. Some interesting music for certain scenes, though.

:: 21 march 2002

Best ::
No classes!
Flowers in my hair. (First little blue ones, then a big pink rose.)
Moving a piano. (We concluded that it would be very easy to steal a piano. People don't ask what you're doing when you wheel it into the elevator. They laugh at you, but they don't ask.)
Fabric store and ice cream.

Worst ::
No classes because I skipped the first one.
Moving a chaise lounge. (This was less fun, due to the snow and lack of jacket and carrying the back end of it while literally running across campus. Not sure why we had to run. Hurt now.)
Falling asleep accidentally, dreaming about something that started off like Cabaret and degenerated into a woman pulling the severed heads of her children out of a jar to show me, then waking up disturbed and disoriented, going to brush my teeth and coming back to find I'd just missed Amelia online. Sad.

:: 20 march 2002

Best ::
Tagging along at rehearsal.

Not going to Sharples on veg night. (Forgot. Sad.)

:: 19 march 2002

Best ::
Seminar paper? Getting it done, at least. And I think it didn't suck quite as much as the previous one.
Audrey gives me chocolate. *happy happy*

Worst ::
Scary stuff on the fhs99 page... Nikki N. being vitriolic; Adam T.W. having a naked web page. (He's still him. It doesn't help. It just makes me laugh a lot.)
E-mail with the heading "extraño mi katita" ... me, too! Or rather, extraño mi emilita. *muy triste*

:: 18 march 2002

Best ::
Meeting Eileen's sister Katie -- also sitting at a table of Katie at Sharples. (Not quite... but out of 6 people we had Katie, KT, Kat, Kate and Katie.)
New nail color. Silver with a differently colored tip on each nail. I rather like them.

Worst ::
I think I might just be a bad person. Unsympathetic, at least.
The vending machine that takes my money and doesn't give me anything. This is not an acceptable arrangement. (And when it does give me things, they're generally disgusting, but I guess that's my own fault.)
Worry worry worry.

:: 17 march 2002

Best ::
IM chat with Sarah and Trysta... strange. Good, though, since we're not online so much anymore, and never all at the same time. But... high school.

Worst ::
Indeterminate precipitation. Rain-snow-nast. What happened to Florida??

:: 16 march 2002

Best ::
Visits from David and Dan.
Phone call from Susie and dad.
Out to dinner at a Thai restaurant with Josh and Tiffany.

Worst ::
Getting Absolutely Nothing Useful Done.
The moldy cake they tried to give us at the restaurant.

:: 15 march 2002

Best ::
Helping with the set for Cabaret -- I didn't really do much, but I had a legitimate reason to be on the grid in LPAC. Bounce bounce! Also it smells like sawdust, which I love. Backstage/dad's basement workshop at the Ross Road house. Mmmm.
Giant tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Also mmmm.
Making a skirt from the rest of the jeans that I bought to patch the other jeans. It doesn't really fit right, but whatever. I sewed it together in, like, half an hour. I won't complain.

Worst ::
Up early.
Flight. (Not bad, just always seems like a waste of time. Not that I would be doing anything better with my time anyway. What am I talking about?)
Light-headed and out of breath and dizzy all day. Don't know why. The sandwich helped a little, but then it came back. Fine now, though.
Finding out that Chris flipped his car down a 45-foot embankment a few weeks ago. He's fine, though, amazingly enough. God.