:: 14 march 2002

Best ::
Out in the morning -- coffee and bagel and comics.
Picking up our pottery. (Yay! I will mail mine soon.)
More consuming. (We bought the things they advertised... mmm...)
Seeing Crossroads. Good! I mean, awful! The difference is really irrelevant. I liked it.

Worst ::
All my pens disappeared to somewhere else. I don't function if I don't have pens and a notebook. Bad.

:: 13 march 2002

Best ::
Disney World! Rides and other rides and more rides, several of which we broke. Or at least broke while we were riding them. We felt some degree of responsibility. I thought Brer Fox yelled "Fuck that bitch!" on Splash Mountain, but I was probably wrong. The thing with the colors and Heffalumps and spinning bits on the Winnie the Pooh ride was great... and we filmed things for Tiffany's project, which was good. I mean, I didn't film anything. Tiffany filmed, and Molly asked questions. I mostly stayed out of the way. I know where my strengths lie.
Dinner at Denny's with a waitress who kept mocking us. She got a big tip for that.
Finally seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch -- yes, go see it. Now! I think I sort of fell asleep a few times, but still.

Worst ::
Getting up very early to go to Orlando.

:: 12 march 2002

Best ::
Painting pottery.
Cookies at the pottery-painting place.
Buffy and Smallville.

Worst ::
Making a mess with the artichokes.

:: 11 march 2002

Best ::
Sleeping in. Very much in.
Dinner at Chili's (that was how late we slept in... get up, get clean, go to dinner.)
Going out/night driving.
Movies: Jay and Silent Bob and Wet Hot American Summer again.

Worst ::
Scary shuttle noises! Molly and I couldn't figure out why something went BOOM! and the window rattled. That doesn't happen in Ohio! Or in Maryland!
Going to sleep when we could hear other people in the house getting up.

:: 10 march 2002

Best ::
Trashy magazines.
Tiffany's mother meeting us in the airport with shiny eye makeup. A different color for each of us. That must be a good sign.
Florida! There are little lizards and palm trees and lots and lots of channels.

Very little sleep.
Sitting on the plane for awhile before taking off because someone had back pains. Or something. Didn't make much sense, then, either.

:: 9 march 2002

Best ::
Visitors! And a bizarre movie. Fairly bizarre visitors, come to think of it.

Worst ::
ML drama.
Going to bed at 6.

:: 8 march 2002

Best ::
ML-visit for movies.

Worst ::
Tiffany being right.
Fire drill.

:: 7 march 2002

Best ::
T-shirt weather! Really truly -- I ate lunch outside while listening to the song, no less.
Visitors and painting Daniel's nails.
Emotional control.

Worst ::
Vodka and knives.

:: 6 march 2002

Best ::
Card from Con and Lucy (unsolicited money! My goodness.)
Sort of kind of working.
Getting an A in Quichua. Ha. HA! Apparently the final that I skipped wasn't so important.

Worst ::
Failed nap.

:: 5 march 2002

Best ::
Package of Girl Scout cookies from mutti.
Getting credit for my remaining two classes from last semester.
Folk dance.
ML: visiting Amelia, watching Smallville and Buffy with Molly.

Worst ::
Skipping poetry class. ("It got late..." and back to sleep again.)
Downside of folk dance is unnecessary physical contact with alarming people.

:: 4 march 2002

Best ::
Pictures from dad.

Worst ::
Remembering something I was supposed to turn in 3 days after I was supposed to turn it in. (But it was all right.)
Things. You know.

:: 3 march 2002

Best ::
Putting a stop to my moping.
Painting nails.
Phone calls from mutti AND Susie! *happy happy*
John Vanderslice concert with Tiffany and Zach.

Worst ::
Least productive day ever, I swear. (I know I say that frequently, but I guess I just get better and better at it.)
People who are right, and I know they're right, but... still.
An e-mail mistakenly sent to me along with all the people from my Ecuador program who live in California. They're all going to have dinner at Julie's house. *sad sad*

:: 2 march 2002

Best ::
Signing my Yale House lease. (Oh god! That's a whole year! From commencement 2002 to commencement 2003. Now let us never think about either of those things again.)
Listening to Dan's radio show. (Frease)
Then listening to Dan's radio show. (Blim)
Screw? Yes, Screw. I think so. Josh and I were Richie and Margot Tenenbaum, and there will be pictures. Then the Grapevine concert, and Simon and Josh's pre-party, and the dance, and Tom Jones.

Worst ::
Screw scariness. But it got better.

:: 1 march 2002

Best ::
CVS (more eye makeup remover, trashy lip stuff that turned out to be the wrong color) and Goodwill (various things I didn't really need.)
Visiting ML, playing Catch Phrase.
Yale House party -- I'm improving. Didn't have to be put to bed this time. And there were amusing people, and there was the cat!

Worst ::
Spending money that I don't precisely... have.

:: 28 february 2002

Best ::
Many visitors: Ross & Lisa, Laurel, Daniel...
Getting history credit for last semester. Ha. *sigh*

Worst ::
Professor being nice to me. All understanding and shit. Makes me sick.
Can't fix things can't fix things can't aaaaaaaargh!

:: 27 february 2002

Best ::
Leftover seminar food. At least it's good for something.
Visit to ML - Buffy and people and such.

Worst ::
Sleepiness, only not really. Just semi-sleeping for lack of... I'm not sure what.

:: 26 february 2002

Best ::
Warm enough out to wear flip-flops.
Dance and nail polish!
Out to Nifty Fifty's with Tiffany and Greg. And more nail polish! (66 bottles lined up on my floor now.)

Worst ::
Spending money on seminar food.
Wavering Lenten vegan resolve. (Those words shouldn't make sense together. Maybe they don't. They look really dumb, at any rate.)

:: 25 february 2002

Best ::
Call from dad and Susie. Maybe they will come and visit. : )
Turning in all my Ecuador credit stuff.

Worst ::
Having to turn in all my credit stuff; worrying that I won't get all of it.
I shouldn't be allowed near my clothing with scissors. (Bottom of shirt looks dumb... cut it off! Sleeves look dumb, too... cut those off! Hm. Still dumb. Cut them shorter! Hm. Nope. Even shorter! Well. No more sleeves. Still looks dumb.)

:: 24 february 2002

Best ::
More Buffy.
Watching Girl on the Bridge with Tiffany and Zach.

Worst ::
Tiffany's broken toe. (Nono! Kein Kaputtmachen, bitte!)

:: 23 february 2002

Best ::
Finishing the hair-dyeing. (Reciprocity, even!)
Glittery light blue nails.
Swarthmore Follies (directing class's night of scenes.)
ML visit: Boggle and Buffy.

Worst ::
No movie.
No dance party.
Missing visitor.

:: 22 february 2002

Best ::
Visit from David (a billion other people didn't show up this time. Imagine that!).
Video with instructions for the choreography for Bye Bye Bye!
Seeing Apocalypse Now.
Hair dyeing.
Listening to Zach's friend's radio show again. Swarthmore fan club! Whoo!

Worst ::
Conversation hearts. Ick!

:: 21 february 2002

Best ::
ML visiting / cribbage with Jesse / Joy's birthday showing of The Muppet Frog Prince / Olympics-watching.

Worst ::
Classes, blah blah blah... presentation for poetry class postponed until April.

:: 20 february 2002

Best ::
At least the first seminar paper isn't graded.
Watching Il Postino for Spanish.

Worst ::
Seminar. Why do I do things? And if I'm going to do things, why don't I do them well?

:: 19 february 2002

Best ::
Nice enough weather for sitting on the lawn with Amelia and reading J. Crew catalogs. Which is just weird, but that's a different problem.

Worst ::
Skipping history to write a seminar paper that still sucked.
Being not unhappy and being happy are not the same thing, unfortunately. But I guess you work with what you have.

:: 18 february 2002

Best ::
People singing.
Trying to learn dances.
Soft hair.
Amelia visit!

Worst ::
No excuses for being as sleepy as I am.
Mushroom soup.
Freaking out at/from/with work. (Now there are excuses for being as sleepy as I am.)