:: 14 february 2002

Best ::
Happy Valentine's Day from me.
Delivering valentines.
Crossword with Amelia (and later with Dan.)
Being shiny for dinner. (Overdressed? No such thing! Just better-dressed.)
Vegan chocolate.

Worst ::
No sleep = entire sugar packet in coffee (with paper on), coffee on pants, coffee on scarf, stupid comments, falling asleep in history when there were only 5 people in class... damn.

:: 13 february 2002

Best ::
See the messy floor. Fun stuff!

Worst ::
No seminar food for me. Why am I vegan? Oh, right.

:: 12 february 2002

Best ::
Seeing the end of The Emperor's New Groove.
More valentinemachen! My floor's a mess.
English dance, I think.
My brother has a song on mp3.com. (!!!!!!!)

Worst ::
Poetry class and the people who are permitted to speak during it.
NO nail polish. Sigh.
Strange sleepy-hungry-shaky-giddy state of things. (But then it went away.)

:: 11 february 2002

Best ::
Wearing a shiny thing.
Making valentines.

Worst ::
Stupid game.

:: 10 february 2002

Best ::
Theme songs.
ML valentine-making study break.

Worst ::
Lots of uncalled-for sad.

:: 9 february 2002

Best ::
Helping Amelia make cookies. (They came out better than ours did. Also greasier.)
Going to the ball? Sure. But I didn't really go. I just sat, and was inappropriately dressed, and then left.
Talking with Franzi.

Worst ::
Lack of real food.
People who need sense knocked into them.

:: 8 february 2002

Best ::
[Happy birthday, Mutti! There. That should be everyone for a while.]
Santa Tiffany brings toys!
We have eyeliner.
Visitors! Imagine that. (David, Audrey, Zach, Dan...)
Call from Mutti.
Movies: Ghost Dog again, and Schizopolis. (Although I think the second one may have been even stranger than it actually is because I kept almost falling asleep during it. Just asleep enough to invent odd little subplots where my almost-dreams got mixed up with the movie.)

Worst ::
Not working. Not leaving room until after dark. I am completely useless.
Delayed gratification.

:: 7 february 2002

Best ::
Another package! From Mutti. I was expecting it, but not so early. (Valentine's Day candy, t-shirt comforter cover and pillowcase, webcam. Very exciting.)
Also mail from Vicki with things in it.
Skipping the history lecture (not the actual class!) to come home and play with package.
Watching people dance. That was... educational.
Trying to watch The Emperor's New Groove with Jesse.

Worst ::
Not watching all of the movie because the DVD went stupid.
Sleepy / disoriented / wandering / apathetic.

:: 6 february 2002

Best ::
[Happy birthday, Trysta! Not that you read this.]
A Surprise Package from Emily! Absolutely made my entire day. Dorky-ridiculously-happy. (A cat mug, a letter and Ecuapictures with captions. The captions are especially important.)

Worst ::
Writing things down and then not knowing what they mean.

:: 5 february 2002

Best ::
Doing laundry.
The way of the exploding stick. (I yell at the computer.)
To the Yale House to select a room.
Some lists.

Worst ::
Skipping history to shower and do laundry. I couldn't do the reading, though. I wouldn't have been any use.
Long, bad lists.

:: 4 february 2002

Best ::
[Happy birthday, dad!]
Cookie machen and then Cookie distribution.
I seem to have made a Decision. This is unusual! But it's only a Housing Decision. I'll work my way up slowly to the real ones. And tomorrow I'll go pick my room at the Yale House. Eep!
DJ names.

Worst ::
No book, no reading, no working. Bad girl.
Not going to Sharples, which is good, but Allen has a good point when he says "that means you're just eating all that crap on your windowsill!" Yeah. Hm.

:: 3 february 2002

Best ::
New color nails -- bluish green with green/purple glitter on top.
ML visit (technically Superbowl Party, but whatever.)

Worst ::
Sometimes I'd like to be other people, but it's not likely to happen.
On the subject of frustrating things: my bed won't fly.

:: 2 february 2002

Best ::
Playing Taboo (which I always love playing even though I never want to play it. Involves things I don't like -- teams, having to think quickly, yelling. But so much fun.)
Seeing Ghost World again.
Visit to ML -- I've almost got the freshmen's names down.

Worst ::
Scary dream. I do better with the ones with no grounding in reality at all.

:: 1 february 2002

Best ::
Hairstyling! Daniel was made blonde (by Tiffany; I really only watched) and then my blue-haired My Little Pony unicorn got a trim.
Fridays are for eyeliner.
PPR Jazz Jam(z? -- hee.) 4 saxophonists! Good ones! And Oscar and Emily! Scary scary crowded, though.
Visit to ML (and sort of abducting Molly...)

Worst ::
It is ridiculously warm, but still not warm enough to wear a sleeveless shirt and no jacket outside at night.
Very Very Slow Shuttle (in arriving, not while driving).

:: 31 january 2002

Best ::
Mail from Sarah!
Weekend. I'm going to be so spoiled after this semester.
Visit from Allen.

Worst ::
I fail at lists. Well, the important ones.

:: 30 january 2002

Best ::
Phone call from mutti.
Email that loves me.
Funny pictures.

Worst ::
Sharples (not good the first time, no better the second.)
Opa sick? That's not all right.

:: 29 january 2002

Best ::
Finding my brother's band's web pages.

Worst ::
Speaking confused SpanishGerman. GermanSpanish? Germish?
No articles in the library. Obviously everyone else from my seminar is also doing the work at the last minute, but still slightly before I am. Sigh.
Macadamia nuts. (I like them! That's the problem. I thought I didn't, and then I opened the jar. Mmmmmm fatballs.)

:: 28 january 2002

Best ::
Getting the Key-that-opens-my-door, a very useful replacement for my former key, the Key-to-someone-else's-room. That explained a lot.
Giving in and getting a livejournal.

Worst ::

:: 27 january 2002

Best ::
Crosswords with brunch, although I am unforgivably out of practice.
Greg coming over to show Tiffany (and me) Wet Hot American Summer, which was bizarre, in the best and funniest possible way. (Also, Janeane Garofalo was wearing a shirt I have. That was just odd.)
Going running. Seeing a cat.
Audrey in the gorilla suit.

Worst ::
Inexplicable bruises.
Lack of faith in airport security.
Finally falling asleep after I laid on my bed and realized that I couldn't process the really loud banging metal noise well enough to tell if it were coming from the radiator or my radio.

:: 26 january 2002

Best ::
Reversed sleeping patterns are fun. Come home after appointment and sleep from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Go out later. Nothing interesting happens during the day anyway.
ML dance party. A good part of the song list came from my mp3s. Hm. It was fun -- cute and kind of dorky and, well, cute. I did NOT look like a stripper, though. I can look MUCH more like a stripper than that, thankyouverymuch.

Worst ::
SPiker meeting. (That is, S. Piker.) Strange little man and you can never interrupt his speeches, particularly if you haven't slept and you can't really focus your eyes on him anyway.

:: 25 january 2002

Best ::
To CVS to buy shiny, then back home to get all glittered up. (Me: "Shiny, shiny, SHINY! I love it! I want to kiss everything! Except that would make the shiny come off, and that's not all right."
Sarah (in an e-mail): "Viva la sparkly!!!")
T-shirt weather, or close enough.
Visiting various people.
To the Yale House -- saw kitten (he's a cat! Handsome cat. Scruffy gray kittens either turn lovely or turn into Mongo. Sorry, Mongo. But Dignan is a very pretty boy.) and saw the early Daniel pictures. *does better job of suppressing laughter than she did while actually looking at them*

Worst ::
"Visiting" sort of means "napping in other people's beds," which is bad and not very social of me. I'm still working on social, though. Bear with me.

:: 24 january 2002

Best ::
Aaaand... my week is OVER at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon. To begin again at 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday. Oh yes.
Counting Crows lyrics (to which we know all the words).

Worst ::
Stupid key. I should see about getting one that actually lets me into my room.

:: 23 january 2002

Best ::
Spanish seminar, I think.
Doing reserve reading in McCabe. It's still the first week; I still believe this is the semester I'll get my shit together. Don't worry; it won't be.
Finding people.

Worst ::
Spanish seminar? It makes me a little nervous, but then again, what doesn't? I'm used to it by now.

:: 22 january 2002

Best ::
Classes: contemporary women's poetry and the history of migrants and migrations in Latin America. I think I can deal with this.
Strange Spanish moment -- I ran into someone I know from my Spanish class last year and we said hola, kiss-of-greeting, chatted in Spanish for a little while. Then it occurred to me that that was just a little odd. I'm not in Ecuador. I need to keep better track of these things.
Running. (I'm not as bad as I thought I'd be, although that's probably just because it would be really difficult to get any worse than I already was.)

Worst ::
My history professor's accent. I don't even know where he's from, but listening to him makes me want to hear/speak in Spanish to him. This would probably just confuse the situation further.
Sleeping in the corner.