18 may 2001

best thing
looking at the old freshman year quote boards with david
champagne and my so-called life
hanging out with laurel instead of going back to the big sad empty room of echoes and worries about forgetting things

worst thing
waking up in the empty room with bare walls
my mother informs me that my grandmother is in the hospital. again. again.
the phrase (and the idea) "see you in january"


17 may 2001

best thing
uncle steve will save me! thank you thank you thank you!
grapevine cd
visit from allen, followed by allen leaving which was not so good at all

worst thing
roberts filling up and closing
packing packing packing AARGH!
and eileen is gone, just like that. see you in eight months? *sniff*


16 may 2001

best thing
going to see candide with dan and arcadia (weirdest show ever... well, one of them. whoa. but good to go out. and even to partake of the corporate-pseudo-retro-trendiness that is xando's.)

worst thing
carrying computer box back to ml
too much candy
spending money
the yellow fuzzy gold glittery ballet singing el dorado sheep? they fucking scare me.
baptizing myself in hazelnut cappuccino on the return septa trip


15 may 2001

best thing
breakfast (a little strange. joanna brings bagels etc. i am still sleepish and confused, but eat with her and hollis and eileen anyway.)
selling back books
chinese food and cribbage with jesse
more packing
working on my photo album (a real one, involving paper instead of pixels. imagine that.)

worst thing
selling back several dozen books and only getting $52
lugging boxes back to ML from the bookstore
room starting to look empty (see today's pictures)


14 may 2001

best thing
finished! mwahahahaha!
i'm such a dork... whenever i'm going home i start to think about trying on all my clothing, since i have an awful lot, and i forget about all the stuff i left at home. it's like going shopping, except at 2 am in my closet!
silly summer plans with sarah

worst thing
history paper and exam
altoids have gelatin in them
*hack hack cough* ("Going to get a drink of water... I'll return with my lungs or upon them!")


13 may 2001

best thing
springlike weather in spring, imagine that
downloading winamp, which is currently dressed in a cute bathtub-themed skin
shared anxiety
my friends are such chill people. wonderful. (that's for yesterday, though. and thank you.)

worst thing
skipping church (to bed at 4:30, sleeping on the couch. blah.)
computer works less and less
the really disgusting cough. still. (sorry.)
work that i don't care about + worrying about study abroad + packing + not enough food + not enough sleep + everything else = silly illogical anxious teary katie


12 may 2001

best thing
lunch at occasionally yours with dan, amelia, ben and stefan (mmmm chocolate brick.)
goodwill (2 dresses and a shiny green scarf.)
eudora works again! music shows up in my inbox occasionally.
packing for tiffany = ice cream, company, procrastination
wearing what i want to
music for me

worst thing
all the ways i can not write a paper
i don't look like a birch tree, really
the leaving. i never said anyone could leave. i can't take another week of leaving. (it'll be okay, lots of people coming back in the summer, it'll be fine. right? tell me i'm right...)


11 may 2001

best thing
packing (i feel marginally more in control of, well, everything.)
long outside dinner
too much ice cream (see? it can be a good thing.)
mp3s sent (although apparently not nearly all of them. hate eudora!)
chocolate raspberry

worst thing
all the things i thought there would be time for only now there is very little time at all and there will be more but i will just waste that, too
nosebleed while washing face (it really doesn't work. i mean... really... ew. nevermind.)
people leaving (i can never quite believe they'll come back.)


10 may 2001

best thing
hello kitty tattoo
banana smoothie ($13.82 in points left.)
scarlet letters (i'm still ambivalent about the stuff i submitted, but... it's pretty! it looks damn good, actually! i was surprised. very impressed. kudos, as mary would say, to mary for layout and leaya for everything.)
last folk dance class/party thing
tiffany and melanie's sock puppet study break! oh! sock puppets! (see pictures!) also ice cream and strawberry shortcake!

worst thing
aesthetics final


9 may 2001

best thing
making a turquoise and blue stress ball at sharples
random compliment from the shuttle driver (he doesn't know me, but he remembered one of my poems - here's a link -from the reading. hm.)

worst thing
no plans after all (dad can't drive out to get me.)
no studying (i am ridiculous. in the usual sense.)
scary driver (shuttle tried to pull out into traffic. the compliment later mostly made up for the attempt on my life.)
having the song küssen verboten stuck in my head all day


8 may 2001

best thing
sleeping until 12 (when the foreign study office called)
getting pictures back (bookstore's cheapass free film is bad, though.)
phone call from mutti/oma/opa
call from dad, with actual plans

worst thing
backing up files (blah. boring. wish i weren't so obsessive about saving everything.)


7 may 2001

best thing
chocolate praline brains (package finally arrived. yay mom!)
composition class/terpsichore dance concert
jamboree (i'm not going to list people this time. you're all wonderful, you know. i'll have songs stuck in my head for weeks.)

worst thing
being woken before 9 by a phone call from someone looking for joe in bethlehem, pa
being chastised by the bookstore clerk for neglecting to use my free 5x7 print coupon (he made me hold out my hand, and then he smacked it.)
getting sick... only fair, everyone else already has been
sccs shutting things down (someone hacked into merlin... a long time ago. bad stuff.)
scw (someone kick me, hard. in the head. if i'm going to submit shit, make it at least semi-decent shit. *sigh* next year, perhaps.)


6 may 2001

best thing
visiting joanna's apartment (small, cute, old, middle of the city. mine all mine and sarah's too, of course. i have the keys and everything. *disbelief* )
very long conversation with david

worst thing
no church
grass jelly drink (dark brown. with... something... solid... at the bottom. oh no. this is not all right.)


5 may 2001

best thing
dan's picnic-playground-four-square-thing
excursions to places we ought not to have been, most likely
almost famous

worst thing
no package, despite mutti's promises
no movie (well, no projectionist for the 7:30 showing. grr.)
indescribable? (i don't know what this means either, i just transcribe things. it's from last weekend long ago. i guess it wasn't good.)


4 may 2001

best thing
last class of my sophomore year
rishi's composition concert
abundant food (it didn't matter that i skipped dinner, my gosh. between the concert and the weird spring fling stuff. mmmm.)
swat trying to be normal, or something. (a petting zoo with a rabbit three times larger than it ought to have been, sheep, goats, birds, pigs. also an attempt at a hoedown. they had bales of hay. it was a good effort.)
calling mutti - she showed me the pictures from her vacation by holding them up to the webcam.
movie on parrish beach (charlie's angels, everyone sitting on blankets on the grass, sort of swat but different. also there were streakers, but no one took much notice.)

worst thing
last class! of my sophomore year! oh shit!
petting zoo - sad animals, especially the little wallaby in a purple harness in a small cage on the asphalt.
my grandmother is now out of the hospital but has to stay in a nursing home (well, on and off) for a few weeks so that her medication and such will be paid for. oh well. it's probably good for her.
the cockroach! again! *wrathful noises* this time on the wall, and scuttled behind the bookcase.
simultaneity. how can everything be perfect and absolutely wrong, all at once? always?


3 may 2001

best thing
last spanish class (aurora wasn't there, but left bags with juice and pastries for us. aw.)
the spanish literary magazine (it is called... 'enie' only not, you know, just the letter. but i can't make it show up here. rar. anyway i have a poem in it, which was a complete surprise.)
poetry reading, i guess (my *ahem* "lyrical evocation of the magic of the everyday." yeah. right. but barefoot behind the podium i read the orange love poem, and the list sonnet, and the freeway rhyming couplets. i didn't die, i don't think i said anything stupid, and people clapped. hm.)

worst thing
heat, 90 degrees, ridiculous
pre-poetry reading anxiety, all day, i am such a baby, it's true.


2 may 2001

best thing
going to goodwill and not buying things
ice cream (with melanie and gene - free scoop at baskin robbins! ooh!)

worst thing
lack of preparation for history (all of us, it's the last week, what do you want... he suggested we finish the book when we're on the beach this summer.)
impending poetry reading
sick tiffany


1 may 2001

best thing
lunch at sra. f's house (under the big oak tree in her backyard, food and warm breezes. she is one of the best people ever. introduced us to her cat, sent us all home with food.)
run, such as it was
skipping dance (bad girl!) to talk with amelia (well, okay then, i guess.)

worst thing
i think i am just a bad person, i hate talking about other people, i always do it here. about everyone. evil.


30 april 2001

best thing
napping briefly on the roof in the sun
last earthlust meeting (sad. fun people and interesting things. ooh, i should do something with the webpage.)

worst thing
sleeping in until 11 - skipped class (the first one all semester!) and didn't really have my paper done
turning in the Really Impressively Inadequate paper anyway. (rough draft. it'll be fine. right...)
falling asleep trying to work; giving up entirely.


29 april 2001

best thing
earthlust dinner (everyone in the WRC, people cook delicious things, peanut sauce with tofu and veggie stir-fry, guacamole, laurel's wonderful baked pear dessert... mmm real food...)

worst thing
susie and dad go home
taxes (i do not understand, i have sent them some money according to some rather arbitrary figuring, if they want more they can hunt me down and take it. maybe they'll just hunt me down and shoot me and then i won't have to pay taxes. hah!)
the general state of doubt and conflict and weirdness here. shit's fucked up. isn't that descriptive?
missing the night of scenes
attempting to write a paper about the russian revolution
taking a sick and fevered jesse to worth at 5 am


28 april 2001

best thing
outside gorgeous perfect day mmmmmmm
giving the campus tour to susie and dad, cute
sort of napping on parrish beach
out to dinner (talking clams...)
orchestra concert
fetish party (only briefly, that was plenty)
krafftwerk volume 2 - i don't normally care that much about trance... but this was just cool. i took off my shoes and danced badly and enjoyed myself.
hanging out with people downstairs for a while (acid and brownies? not that kind of acid...)

worst thing
eh. not much, really. should've done more work, sad that susie and dad are leaving soon.


27 april 2001

best thing
history class outside on the grass
finishing my spanish paper a whole half-hour before it was due... yeah...
sleepingish on parrish beach, i swear i nearly levitated from the sun and the music and everything.
susie and dad!
ellipsis concert
willets basement hall crawl (no actual crawling. thank goodness.)
present from tiffany: a can of bird's nest white fungus drink! remember? i do.
reading a just so story with david and eileen and hollis

worst thing
daiquiri on the back of my pants, from someone throwing ice


24 april 2001

best thing
nice warm day
no spanish presentation after all, good thing i didn't even try to do it...
aesthetics paper delayed a week

worst thing
aesthetics paper delayed... now it has no excuse to suck, apart from the obvious.
puny rain. storm, dammit, storm!
dance (i ran away and did my own dance in the halls because they were having meetings and besides it's always another pattern to learn and another and another...)


23 april 2001

best thing
hand designs
heat, because it's still novel, so warm outside that all the colors are bright and no one can hurry and i'm warm all the way through
eating outside (it's a party!)
housing lottery - not being there
earthlust meeting

worst thing
heat, because it's hot.
the cockroach! the fucking cockroach!!!!
it's easier to type when i can make my eyes focus...