where the hell did the 19th go?

well. we went out to dinner at abracadabra cafe, and little bunnies multiplied magically in my hand. hrm. that's not what i meant. other stuff happened, but i forget.


18 enero 2001

best thing
more photo album-ing
wisdom quest (a meeting wherein people talked about nostradamus. these people fascinate me, although i never realized what a skeptic i am. many pages of notes.)

worst thing
cleaning up lots of nasty cat mess
"dude" has entered my lexicon, really. weird.


17 enero 2001

best thing
finishing harry potter
lusting after j. jill clothes with susie
back to fairfield, where mom and i beat each other up with a paper towel tube because we are extremely silly people

worst thing
messy house, again


16 enero 2001

best thing
reading harry potter y la piedra filosofal

worst thing
sick maggie
too much food
i fear i am allergic to my cats


15 enero 2001

best thing
wearing new cheap shirt from urban outfitters
scanning pictures
meijer with susie (got lost in the hair accessory and makeup aisles)
dan's hat, which he gave to me. i will wear it to sager.
dinner (a "special" dinner for dad, according to susie. for some reason "special" equates to "susie dressed as red green, me dressed as mr. rogers, and dad wearing a tuxedo." my family is great.)
post-dinner dancing to bad synthesizer versions of stupid songs. heh. my family is weird.
paint shop pro 7
being able to almost do a diamond

worst thing
drama in our own backyard


14 enero 2001

best thing
making the bus to dayton
toby! the new baby kitten! pictures should be up shortly.

worst thing
making the bus... barely... ack
not paying sarah back. bad sarah!
too much food


13 enero 2001

best thing
used cd store (i got 2 things, sarah got 4. including the hampsterdance album. yeah...)
lunch at the pita pit (yum. and they get to use their ID cards at the local food places. no fair.)
ruby's, where there is a cat and also many fun things. i bought a necklace, some buttons, and a blue case for my sunglasses.
urban outfitters (oooh what a wonderful place. and a big sale. socks and a shirt for me, sparkly christmas things for sarah.)
wexner center (we just looked at the gift shop. neat.)
short north: browsing in little shops and dinner at j&g diner (fun place with green high heeled shoes and a waiter with a leopard belt)
comedy show by a group from ou

worst thing
spending money!
people who ask for money, oh i never know what to do :(
comedy show (parts of it were funny, but a lot of it was just sex jokes which aren't really all that funny after a while. six cents is better.)
missing my (my?? they're not mine.) swatties


12 enero 2001

best thing
to columbus with sarah!
tours of osu (even when the guide doesn't know where we are...)
hockey game (whee! yelling is fun! i can totally see how people get into live sports. heehee! and they kicked michigan's ass!)
meeting roomies and friends and sarah's birthday party thing

worst thing
am i a vampire? daylight sucks the energy out of me; i can't run.
hrm the food at osu makes me unwilling to complain about sharples. it really is pretty good.


11 enero 2001

best thing
mounting the weird camera thing on my wall
moving my collage into my new room
finishing my book (ghostwritten by someone i forget. i haven't decided yet whether i liked it or not.)
blue sparkly toenails (the color is called "all-nighter." heh.)
thwarting phone survey-people with my sheer ignorance (the guy even laughed at me. i could tell he'd given up.)
out to dinner for grandpa's 81st birthday. i made him a nice card.

worst thing
getting tax forms in the mail
driving with grandpa (you don't even know how serious i am. i have to navigate... at one point he just pulled into a parking lot and sat there. my religious faith increases, or at least gets more vocal, whenever i drive with him. agh.)
my kitties make me sneeze


10 enero 2001

best thing
grandma showing me old photos
hemming the green velvet dress grandma made for eloise a long time ago (mine now!)
finishing the weird-ass camera collage that was my project for this christmas break
yoga and weightlessness

worst thing
grandma not feeling well
too much food


9 enero 2001

best thing
cheap haircut
putting together a photo album
forming the entire alphabet, letter by letter, with my body (and if it didn't look enough like the letter in question my mother and grandmother would tell me to try again. hmph. ouch.)
playing pictionary with mutti

shining gas station --> pager
conga line --> clouds --> groves of sheep --> forest ham bone --> ham bush --> ambush
the happy robber song
"i'd be upset too if a giant porcupine were attacking my ship."
running (30 minutes, including Big Hill of Death. yay.)

worst thing
early morning noises (now i understand how my mother used to panic all the time and think the grandparents were going to the hospital)
sammy waking me up early (a relative term, i know)
not cleaning
trying to blow my nose with one mittened hand while running


8 enero 2001

best thing
moving the buttons over (if inexpertly) on the horribly wonderful orange plaid skirt i found in the sewing room
godiva ice cream
attempt at cleaning the kitchen up a bit

worst thing
failed chestnuts (i think they were too old. i boiled them, but they came out chewy.)
spending all day in my pajamas, until the evening, when i changed into new pajamas to go to bed


7 enero 2001

best thing
getting up at 11:30
nice breakfast with mom and alan - eggs and bagels and tangerines and things
cooking dinner

shiraz, minestrone, bread, salad, brownies (with mint), espresso, sambuca, biscotti

bob and vicki over for dinner
return of my foolishly lost blue sparkly nail polish

worst thing
mess everywhere! (back at the grandparents' house)
typically pathetic run (but i did make it up the big nasty hill)


6 enero 2001

best thing
giving things away to goodwill for a change
quick trip to jungle jim's early in the morning. many samples. mmm...
breakfast out with mutti and alan
thrifting! (i got a light blue sweater, a different light blue sweater, a black skirt and dark blue velvet pants. also a neat chinese silk quilted reversible jacket which i ended up giving to my mother because it really suited her better. i'm much more a knit and corduroy brown and blue and green sort of person, not black and bright colors and shiny things.)
pineapple ice at aglamesis'
barnes and noble ( i looked at travel books on ecuador and venezuela. ooh...)
dinner - mutti improvised a yummy vegetable curry with rice
watching being there (good movie with peter sellers, go see.)

worst thing
having to get up at around 7:15. horrors. whores! *ahem* nevermind.
gelatin in my new gingersnap lip balm. waah. i gave it to my mother.
also gelatin in the ice cream at aglamesis'. i hope there's none in the ice. bleh.


5 enero 2001

best thing
getting up (barely) before 9, of my own accord. wow.
going shopping with dad (new sunglasses and cool stripey tights)
getting my pictures back (first set with new camera, oooh. some will be scanned soon, i hope.)
sorting clothes and things
planning my t-shirt blanket (i have complete faith that my mother will someday finish it. or even start.)

worst thing
eating an evil chocolate thing
some lousy pictures. but what do you expect? alas.
mongo getting out, twice. bad cat.
my mother visiting other people's pages and e-mailing them... but really... it's okay... yeah.