May 12, 2000.

best thing: amelia taking us out to dinner (her, me, tiffany, daniel, cathy and dave go to penang, a malaysian restaurant in philadelphia. much fun. fried ice cream, orange slices, and so on.), chinese grocery store (white fungus and bird's nest drink, paper parasols for our pigtails), dad, watching dirty dancing, being spun around, staying up all night for no reason (wait, is that really a best thing? sure it is.).
worst thing: eileen leaving, jesse leaving, art history exam, packing.

May 11, 2000.

best thing: going outside with eileen and blowing bubbles at the rising sun after staying up all night, a cute book about simon the cat, going to the film studies class screening.
worst thing: the book-buying place not buying back books, everything looking so sad and packed up.

May 10, 2000.

best thing: selling books back, work, thunderstorm, hugs, loud music, scw, study break at 3ish with hollis and chocolate.
worst thing: scw.

May 9, 2000.

best thing: work (ahh... a/c...), getting english essays back from last semester, 4 fortunes in one cookie, conversation with jenny.
worst thing: fly-covered pet carrier in the garbage can on the walk to campus, allen leaving.

May 8, 2000.

best thing: handing in spanish paper (it's 9 pages, it's in spanish, that's good enough), profesor t. (okay, so i hope it really is a good paper because he is so nice and the way he pronounces my name is so cute), nap, random procrastination fun.
worst thing: long hot walk to god knows where, tent caterpillars (lots of them in the street, either dead or wriggling, neither of which endears them much to me), smoke drift from the open windows (cigarette, other less legal substances).

May 7, 2000.

best thing: reading in the shade (and later in the a/c), phone call from dad and susie, dan's cd selling well (hahaha my brother will be famous. well no.)
worst thing: church services randomly cancelled, too hot again, news from home (dad: "so, what's new here?" me: "i don't know, you tell me." dad: "oh! father chuck got stabbed!"), nosebleed (you know, when you're washing your face and suddenly realize that the water in the sink is all orange and you've splashed blood everywhere and your face is sort of all smeary...that's bad), hesitation.

May 6, 2000.

best thing: sleeping in, going to genuardi's, quote board study break/david's surprise birthday party, hanging out on the roof again.
worst thing: little gray bug in my broccoli at sharples, too too hot.

May 5, 2000.

best thing: 2 1/2 hour long lunch, violets, radiant shirt, sugarplum's (peach milkshake...mmmm...), playground, laying on the roof waiting for the rain.
worst thing: loud alarm, getting up early, statistics exam.

May 4, 2000.

best thing: sunshine, green shoes, walking barefoot, work, nail polish, people finishing things, lemon sorbet with strawberries (vegan today!), sitting outside in the grass watching planes and making noises with grass and everything, mystery!, random procrastination (watching ads, playing with tantrix...).
worst thing: statistics, assy printer, susie not coming with dad to pick me up, dan not being well (whatever that means...).

May 3, 2000.

best thing: actually getting some work done, being monolithic (monolithicness? monolithicity? monolith-hood? monolithism? i dunno...), poetry workshop reading (wonderful, sean and tiffany!).
worst thing: sleep-deprivation (other people's, i'm actually doing all right there), a poem.

May 2, 2000.

best thing: wearing my new swat-shirt, work, going to the reading by the people who did creative writing projects, amphitheatre picnic, jamboree (amelia's dar solo, yay! muppet skits, yay! voice activated telephone system song, yay! breaking the door, yay! ... um...), molly's party (food, drink, bean bag, beatles, human sacrifice, the usual...), amusing e-mail name thing (i am flunky gerbilpants).
worst thing: spending money, failing to do work on spanish paper or anything important, too much food, running (the difference is all in the preposition).

May 1, 2000.

best thing: package, getting a check in the mail ($32 simply for being online...yeah...), die da! (yes! the fanta-4 video, the part where they all bob their heads up and down and do that stomping sort of thing... hahahahahahahahahaha! you don't understand! hahahahahahahaha! it is so great!), sing-along with peter and annie (i requested "tell me why"), running back to ml from campus.
worst thing: eating too much chocolate, ice cream in wretched excess, not being able to do everything at once.

April 30, 2000.

best thing: church, fear and love and rock and roll (the directing class production), dance composition class show, chorus concert.
worst thing: anger, purity tests (some things are better left unknown, or at least uncalculated).

April 29, 2000.

best thing: last ml breakfast feast, laziness, macbeth in the amphitheatre, playing feud, die da! die fantastischen vier! finally!
worst thing: lounge of nast.

April 28, 2000.

best thing: last class, nap, spanish party (forced to dance by sra. f.), being john malkovich (great movie! go see!), the 6th element spring fling whatever the hell it was thing (pulsating music, spinning lights, bubbles, floaty things...).
worst thing: being late to my last class, uncooperative weather, running, balance.

April 27, 2000.

best thing: last statistics class, much randomness (shoelaces...), nap, music 12 concert, embroidery.
worst thing: quote board defacement, startling squirrel corpse, people who should sleep but don't, disturbing dreams, theft.

April 26, 2000.

best thing: getting all the classes i registered for, finishing my history paper (such as it was...), seminar food, buying myself a swat-shirt for no reason, paycheck in the mail.
worst thing: eating too much food.

April 25, 2000.

best thing: last spanish class (*snif* or maybe not...), napping in parrish, matzo and honey.
worst thing: nasty candy, useless thesaurus (what sort of thesaurus doesn't have synonyms for brothel or whorehouse?!).

April 24, 2000.

best thing: first day of skirt week, an inchworm, cream cheese on my bagel, sitting in the sun on parrish beach, random conversation with franzi, ice cream sundae, specs, lilacs, jazz.
worst thing: forgetting to meet my WA, morals, the bitch soda machine.

April 23, 2000.

best thing: *easter*, church, easter dinner at the rectory, inordinate amounts of chocolate, jelly bellies (thanks to amelia).
worst thing: statistics, theft, unnatural jelly bellies (wintergreen, jalapeno, popcorn, peanut butter...).

April 22, 2000.

best thing: writing postcards, meeting david's dog, dyeing easter eggs, wind-up chick, easter vigil (candles, bells, music, lovely!), an ideal husband (the movie, of course.)
worst thing: being stood up by my WA, failing as usual to get work done.

April 21, 2000.

best thing: package, humorously vertical hair, church, wang dan's talk, inca son andean music.
worst thing: rain, taking the long way to church, impending papers.

April 20, 2000.

best thing: work, eating outside, anna's art show opening, church.
worst thing: lenny leaving early and not coming back until next spring.

April 19, 2000.

best thing: reading something i actually want to read, getting lotteried into the section of philosophy i wanted, red fuzziness.
worst thing: statistics paper.

April 18, 2000.

best thing: getting spanish presentation done with, real dinner not at sharples, rose.
worst thing: having to give spanish presentation, people who want to give exams on sundays, doing art history assignment in a state of incoherent sleepiness.

April 17, 2000.

best thing: sharing easter candy, going to the talk by kevin jennings, the iron giant.
worst thing: cold, rain, procrastination.

April 16, 2000.

best thing: church (palms!), vegan smoothie at sugarplum's, thunderstorm, wink and hug tag, real food, specs.
worst thing: standing outside the closed bank in the sun and drawing it, ranting, worry, embarrassing situations.

April 15, 2000.

best thing: crossword puzzling at breakfast, ideas for room next year, playground (a little wet, but so much fun!), vertigo-go 10 year reunion show, vegan chocolate chip cookies at vgg reception, specs.
worst thing: no specs for me, realizing the bank is closed on sunday.

April 14, 2000.

best thing: fasting, embroidery, dance recital (yay eileen!), grapevine and mixed company concert (yay amelia!), wallace and gromit (yay nick park! oh wait...).
worst thing: girl scout cookies for sale that i can't eat, misery poker.

April 13, 2000.

best thing: easy statistics day (like this is unusual, but moreso...), long lunch, silliness (poking, being picked up randomly and so on.)
worst thing: scheduling stress, impending spanish doom (yes, i exaggerate, of course.)

April 12, 2000.

best thing: work, housing lottery success (for other people, of course, i did not have to deal with such things...).
worst thing: stolen tofutti (that is, mine being stolen. rar.)

April 11, 2000.

best thing: going to genuardi's, buying a vegan orange dark chocolate bar, watching silly television.
worst thing: practically everyone seems to be sick.

April 10, 2000.

best thing: badge thingy, vegan chocolate bar, profesora f., dance, pistachios, bill and ted's excellent adventure.
worst thing: people taking my laundry out of the washer and leaving it on the table, scary spanish things looming over me.

April 9, 2000.

best thing: church, cantatrix concert, watching tv when i should be doing other things.
worst thing: random snow, strange disoriented dreams, people leaving...*sniff*.

April 8, 2000.

best thing: walking around campus and in the crum, good fruit at sharples, scottish and english dance demonstration, uncle steve arriving, going to a restaurant in philadelphia and eating real food, funny forced march in the rain.
worst thing: fire alarm, bdan going into insulin shock or whatever it is called.

April 7, 2000.

best thing: *mutti*, ml cookout (even though i didn't eat...), chocolate tofutti, chinese folk dance performance.
worst thing: poor mom getting lost and missing her classes and such.

April 6, 2000.

best thing: thrifting, wandering in the crum, mystery!
worst thing: nasty thrift store furniture, having to walk.

April 5, 2000.

best thing: crossword puzzling, a possible couch for next year, phone call from mom.
worst thing: goodwill closing at 8, the long form of the census, stupid computers.

April 4, 2000.

best thing: work, making plans, pleasantly damp weather, email from jen p.
worst thing: worrying.

April 3, 2000.

best thing: work, package, nice orangey cat in parrish, dancing with the modern II class (much harder, much cooler.)
worst thing: too many twizzlers, half-dry laundry.

April 2, 2000.
best thing: church, wasting time with television, blue potato chips.
worst thing: gray floor fuzz, cheese in something 'vegan'.

April 1, 2000.

best thing: april fool's pranks on campus, "reading" in the crum, joan baez concert, sager.
worst thing: rude people taking flashing annoying pictures during concert, skanky drunken types at sager, daylight savings time.

March 31, 2000.

best thing: working (money is good, any money at all), wandering in the crum, the spec liking swat (yay! she must come here...), fasting, going to see american beauty.
worst thing: spending a little more time lost in the crum than we had intended, not eating (which is, uh, different than me).

March 30, 2000.

best thing: getting statistics midterm back, turning in block application, hosting a nice spec.
worst thing: sketchy humor.

March 29, 2000.

best thing: seminar cancelled, "constructive rest" in dance, the quint.
worst thing: not actually working much on my paper...ack.

March 28, 2000.

best thing: swinging at the playground in the dark, going to hear dr. ruth, phone call from mutti.
worst thing: stupid art history reading, angst.

March 27, 2000.

best thing: honeysuckle, dance, doing laundry, going to bed early.
worst thing: sitting in mccabe for a long time and not accomplishing anything.

March 26, 2000.

best thing: church, coloring, chamber choir concert, swil-gossip (heehee, very informative...).
worst thing: still not getting work done.

March 25, 2000.

best thing: trail mix, picnic in the amphitheatre, uno.
worst thing: not getting work done.

March 24, 2000.

best thing: no class, sleeping until 11, warm again, walking outside, the great muppet caper, going out to dinner at not sharples, damn yankees.
worst thing: jackass!

March 23, 2000.

best thing: warm and sunny, spending 2 hours at lunch outside and then going to parrish beach and lying outside there for another 2 hours and 15 minutes, amusing student council dinner with music and ice cream that i could not eat, random hall gatherings.
worst thing: having to go meet with WA, going to bed at 3.

March 22, 2000.

best thing: dance, new quotes.
worst thing: nosebleed (i should really get that fixed, maybe this summer), david's problems with webpage for the class of '04.

March 21, 2000.

best thing: napping in mccabe, real bread at dinner (hope it was vegan; i ate 3 pieces), watching random television.
worst thing: rain, coldish, no amelia in the quint.

March 20, 2000.

best thing: archy and mehitabel, funny personality tests (i am an INFP with 0.00% willingness to express dissent.)
worst thing: sniffles, cough, blah.

March 19, 2000.

best thing: church, crossword puzzling, watching tv for 2 hours instead of working (didn't really have much to do anyway, no worries.)
worst thing: managing to dip edge of sweater in tomato sauce during dinner, rar.

March 18, 2000.

best thing: food, music, hanging out instead of doing work, vegan carrot cake, toe jam III (a cappella thing, very funny, very good.)
worst thing: building in the ville burning, watching the building in the ville burn, smoke, smell of smoke, walking through smoke, smelling like smoke, ack ack ack...

March 17, 2000.

best thing: fasting, crossword puzzling, taking a 3 hour nap, going to the vocal ensemble performance and to the movie.
worst thing: missing meals (not so much for the food as for the company), being vaguely sickish.

March 16, 2000.

best thing: skipping statistics to go to the art museum, crossword puzzling in tarble.
worst thing: being called a "lady" by someone not very much younger than i am, waxy green tea.

March 15, 2000.

best thing: lunch outside in the sun, vegan apple crisp.
worst thing: discovering that the whole time a worm had been underneath the mat i was on during the aforementioned lunch outside, going to bed at 3 for no good reason.

March 14, 2000.

best thing: eating outside, crossword puzzling, profesor t. chosen to celebrate neruda's birthday (some poetry thing held at neruda's house, it sounds impressive), professor b. getting tenure, watching whose line is is anyway? for two hours instead of working.
worst thing: chicken in the "vegan" vegetable stuff at lunch.

March 13, 2000.

best thing: lots of daffodils, a very frolicky sort of dance class (lots of skipping), first vegan day.
worst thing: no brownies for the vegan, the book i wanted being in both of the other two libraries but not in ours.

March 12, 2000.

best thing: coming back to swat, not doing any work.
worst thing: leaving home, being served a meat sandwich on airplane, waiting outside in the wind for a long time for the shuttle.

March 11, 2000.

best thing: successful thrifting, my little pony (free!), going out to dinner.
worst thing: hail and snow and nasty cold, poor frozen magnolia and daffodils and everything.

March 10, 2000.

best thing: not being asked what time i would be home, hanging out with chris.
worst thing: unsuccessfully mending pants.

March 9, 2000.

best thing: visiting bethany, shopping (sea green sundress from old navy, yay, even though i hate old navy), first koosh paddle ball game of the season, border's (for the 3rd time in 2 days...ummm...), sacred cheese.
worst thing: feeling like an adult.

March 8, 2000.

best thing: warm weather, wearing a scarf for a shirt, taking the cat for a walk, meeting with family about cruise, getting bribed with a dar cd (yay mom!).
worst thing: having to fill out a job application.

March 7, 2000.

best thing: pancake supper, church people, going to mom's house.
worst thing: leaving dad's house, everyone going to court, not voting.

March 6, 2000.

best thing: reading a good book (called apologizing to dogs, go read it), getting photos back.
worst thing: going to the dentist and having a cavity (well, not so bad, they filled it right there without anesthetic in about two minutes), eating greasy food from penn station.

March 5, 2000.

best thing: back to the midwest: ate brunch at frisch's, went shopping for a grill.
worst thing: reading a schmaltzy book.

March 4, 2000.

best thing: going to hyde park and looking in the neat little stores and getting a pineapple ice cream soda from graeter's, watching a bad movie (it was lake placid, at least we knew it would be awful).
worst thing: the poor fat diabetic cat.

March 3, 2000.

best thing: going home, watching bowfinger (very funny...), going to bed early (11!).
worst thing: leaving swat.

March 2, 2000.

best thing: phone call from dad, painting nails coppery gold with iridescent sparkles, study break (sushi, chocolate, bread, cheese, massage, good company, yay!).
worst thing: failed squirrel-fishing, feeling the compulsion to run while wearing docs, stupid people (who are, perhaps, christian) whose stupid ideas make christians in general look stupid and bigoted and ignorant (and when such a person comes to swat...).

March 1, 2000.

best thing: making milkshakes in sharples, turning in history paper, dance.
worst thing: statistics, a complete lack of self-control.

February 29, 2000.

best thing: sitting outside in the sun, climbing on the rocks at the bottom of the dam in the half-dark, getting mail, my little ponies.
worst thing: printer sucking ass.

February 28, 2000.

best thing: oversleeping by a half an hour and yet getting to class earlier than normal, fun ghanaian dance steps and music, doing laundry, getting a package, the wonderful italian food study break. (yay daniel and richard, or their moms, or whoever!)
worst thing: laundry never getting dry in the dryer, being oblivious and clumsy and breaking stuff in sharples.

February 27, 2000.

best thing: church, a long and entertaining lunch, new metaphors or euphemisms or something, getting work done, and the Best Thing...friend in coma is now responding to things, blinking, giving thumbs-up when asked to.
worst thing: friend in coma having massive staph infection.

February 26, 2000.

best thing: seeing people get screwed at sharples, making pizza, people having fun at screw (yeah, yeah, i should have gone, i know...).
worst thing: other people not having a good time at screw, going to bed way too late.

February 25, 2000.

best thing: the first crocuses (croci...?), no classes, eating outside, thrifting, going to the oscar & emily and backwater blues concert thing.
worst thing: cigarette smoke, too much work.

February 24, 2000.

best thing: warm no-coat weather, climbing on the rocks at the bottom of the dam, scanning photos.
worst thing: nasty noise-intolerant people antagonizing other nice friend-people, not working much on history paper.

February 23, 2000.

best thing: scanning photos, entertaining lunch conversation, people yelling apathetically in seminar, painting toenails iridescent yellow.
worst thing: many classes, photos scanning either blurry or orange.

February 22, 2000.

best things: robins, a blue jay, sitting outside in the sun to read, people being happy.
worst thing: discovering $40 missing from my wallet (stupid me, i should have learned when other people had stuff stolen at dance last week, but no...), cloudy tap water, cigarette smoke.

February 21, 2000.

best thing: getting statistics paper done by a reasonable hour, somewhat edible food at sharples, pink airplane scarf.
worst thing: messenger being stupid, scanner being stupid, having to write statistics paper.

February 20, 2000.

best thing: church, grocery shopping, translating spanish poems.
worst thing: not working on my paper.

February 19, 2000.

best thing: sleeping in, embroidery, watching movies (yes, fight club was a total mindfuck).
worst thing: drama, exceeding my monthly quota of movie violence in a single night.

February 18, 2000.

best thing: snow in the morning, taking a long nap, going to darwin's birthday party with some people as the kansas board of education, hanging around and not doing much.
worst thing: snow turning to rain and slush, eating too much at darwin's birthday party.

February 17, 2000.

best thing: oversleeping and still getting to class on time, getting a package in the mail with chocolate and a little painting and other goodies, buying detergent and finally doing laundry, writing down lyrics to good songs.
worst thing: sharples meals of nast, laundry costing many quarters, learning that someone else has designs on the quint for next year.

February 16, 2000.

best thing: getting an A on a paper that was supremely assy (or is that bad...?), cookies, nice almost spring weather, painting nails.
worst thing: being 500 miles from doing any good at all.

February 15, 2000.

best thing: more crossword puzzling at lunch.
worst thing: the shuttle not running to target, practically falling asleep in spanish class, someone stealing credit cards and money from people on campus, old friend being in a coma, people who hurt my friends.

February 14, 2000.

best thing: getting a really cool valentine, all manner of sweets and yummy things.
worst thing: eating alone, napping when i didn't mean to, odd online person, more doubt, more lies.

February 13, 2000.

best thing: church, going to the vagina monologues, franzi's lovefeast birthday party.
worst thing: continuing to eat too much, statistics.

February 12, 2000.

best thing: sleeping in, music, ursula's birthday party, going to someone's senior recital, the vertigo-go show, seeing the sixth sense.
worst thing: not getting work done, eating way too much food, sad e-mail.

February 11, 2000.

best thing: *dar williams concert*, scanning photos, getting package of fudge in the mail.
worst thing: eating too much fudge.

February 10, 2000.

best thing: hanging around for hours and not doing any work, more embroidery.
worst thing: bad timing, disturbing topic of conversation.

February 9, 2000.

best thing: molly's birthday party, poking people, going to bed early.
worst thing: not being able to sleep until late anyway, reading things i shouldn't.

February 8, 2000.

best thing: crossword puzzling at lunch, finishing up papers by a reasonable hour, embroidery.
worst thing: still not going to bed until after 2, crooked chain stitch.

February 7, 2000.

best thing: no classes.
worst thing: no classes because i am sick, issues, cancer, lies, doubt.

February 6, 2000.

best thing: church.
worst thing: me being sick, fever, stupid reading.

February 5, 2000.

best thing: going to faculty dance concert, meeting people, sleeping in, painting nails.
worst thing: everyone being sick.

February 4, 2000.

best thing: going to first friday.
worst thing: worrying that i do not belong here or there or anywhere.

February 3, 2000.

best thing: a long and amusing lunch, being juvenile and playing with the voice recognition system, snow without wind so it stays on all the tree branches.
worst thing: subconsciously interpreting touch as possessiveness even though i *logically* know it's well meant, statistics.

February 2, 2000.

best thing: whimsical rubber stick people, finally doing laundry, feeling reassured that should a bear ever attack me at ML an effort will be made to do whatever is done for people mauled by wild animals, getting a package.
worst thing: my laundry never getting all the way dry, people having too many things to do, freaky dream about blue and black bugs in something i was trying to eat.

February 1, 2000.

best thing: people's days being better, just hanging around.
worst thing: eating four corn muffins for dinner, having to finally write the dumb paper, un-realizing things.