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Saturday September 28, 2013 Moving on

Time is a funny thing. It's been nine years since I wrote in this journal, yet the experiences I described here are still fresh in my mind. I can still smell the tang of the air in Oban, still remember the people at the harbor catching little crabs by snagging bits of back bacon on hooks and dangling them into the sea, still remember the thrill on their faces when a crab caught the bacon and was caught in turn.

In the years since writing here, I've done a lot. Gone to work for a crisis hotline, become a known person in my field, served on the national professional board for four years, spoken and taught at national and international conferences... earned a Master's degree in instructional design and technology, specializing in training and performance improvement. Started my own music teaching studio, a jewelry business, a band. Met a lot of wonderful people along the way.

I returned to Swarthmore for my tenth reunion this summer. It was wonderful, almost awe-inspiring, to see so many old friends and learn what we've all been doing in the decade past. I find myself renewed and full of excitement about what these next ten years will bring.

Logging in to write this post, I marveled at the old things I created in this space—almost a museum of "who I was". A whole infrastructure of code I wrote to make this blog possible in the days when blogging was still a new thing and everyone wrote HTML by hand because blogging software hadn't been invented yet. I wrote a lot of behind-the-scenes Perl code to make this site more manageable, wrote shell scripts to update the blogroll on the side because RSS hadn't been invented yet... a lot of things the world has come to expect were new and fresh back then. Neat to look back and see it.

For now, I think it's time to move on. I write at holliseaster.com these days, and I hope you'll join me there. Thanks for reading!

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