Old Daily Shows--November 2000

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November 27, 2000

The last thing he said before I left was
probably the single most important bit of advice I ever got
about being a man.

"Sam," he said, "there are two questions a man must ask himself:
The first is '
Where am I going?'
and the second is '
Who will go with me?'

If you ever get these questions in the wrong order
you are in trouble."
-- Sam Keen, Fire In The Belly

November 26, 2000

So, I've written nothing, nothing, nothing at all in the last month. Woohoo. Month and a half, really.

I've realized why, in the end. I don't really like writing when I'm in a bad mood. It doesn't seem fair or whatever. Well, that changes now, at least for today.

Yep, me in a bad mood. Now, if you scroll through the archives, you'll see that an awful lot of them are me in bad moods. I didn't say I never wrote in them--just that I don't like to. I've actually been in a good mood a few times this semester, and I've tried to sit and write during some of them, too. Alas, something seems always to come along.

What I want is what I've not got/And what I need is all around me says the inimitable Dave Matthews. Well, that's inspiring, don't you think?

I spent Thanksgiving break at Weather'd Wood with Jennifer, Steven, Kyla, Eileen, and Jennifer's relatives. It was... something. Parts were good. The rest sort of blew. I don't like being in situations where I cannot escape from people being nasty to me. Or ignoring me. When I'm being ignored at school, I can at least go somewhere else to be ignored. Out in rural Pennsylvania, however, there isn't a lot out there to do other than sit and bear it.

Had twelve dreams in four days there--nine nightmares, and three dreams. Only one managed to be written down in some detail, but I won't share it here, as it contains fairly detailed references to other people. Blah.

Fell apart at least twice. Not a fun sight. Eileen was up until 4 in the morning last night dealing with it, for which I thank her. There was pie. We ate some of it.

Jennifer's grandparents have this lovely dog named Stella who's a Cardigan or Welsh Corgie or something. Anyway, she's a very cute footstool dog who's very reticent about new people but warmed up to me after I gave her some ear-scratching action. So I have a new friend. Woohoo.

We went to a pair of used bookstores in Doylestown, where I bought: Fire In The Belly - Sam Keen; Speaker For The Dead - Orson Scott Card; The Philadelphia Adventure - Lloyd Alexander; Who's Afraid Of Classical Music? - Michael Walsh (seemed appropriate for a music major's bookshelf); and microserfs - Douglas Coupland. In addition, I've finished Fritz Leiber's Swords and Deviltry and Diana Wynne Jones's Dark Lord of Derkholm. I enjoyed Dark Lord, though not as much as I would have were my life not going the way it is right now.

Before break, I got to go to Susie's house and play music. We had borscht, which was good, and played lots of Scottish stuff, which was also good. Then we went to Germantown Country Dancers dance, where she played in the band (I got to play a bit later, which was fantastic and fun). A pretty good evening overall, plus I got to ride on the train to Lansdowne where Susie lives. Got to sit next to my dear friend Laura Bonem, and talked to her a bit, which I must remember to do even more than I already do. Hrm.

It is my fervent hope that Kendra will feel appreciated and placated due to this entry.

I'm tired of writing now. Bye.