ML, Fall 2001

Jim: "What they're trying to say, Bing, is that if we help them move their furniture, they'll have sex with us!"

Jim: "'Jim, would you grab that bookbag for me?' Translation? 'Jim, would you have sex with me?'"

David: "You have a giant bush in front of your window."
Richard: "That giant bush is called a tree, David."

Matt: "It was a dark and stormy night. My penis was on the prowl."

David: "What are you going to do after graduation?"
Richard: "Uh, celebrate?"
David: "Ok, and after that?"
Richard: "Well, it's gonna be evening, so I'll go to bed."

Mike: "So basically you're a pussy instead of a pacifist."
Ryan: "Yeah."
Mike: "I subscribe to pussyism."

(this semester no doubt included many other wonderful ML quotes, but unfortunately I was not around to witness them.)

ML, Spring 2002

Daniel: "I also realized that sleeping on a hardwood floor wasn't conducive to getting booty."

Daniel: "It's kind of depressing that classes haven't even started yet but I'm already falling behind."

David: "Oh, feed me a mouse Dorito."

Branen: "Some dude who is not attached to my ass right now and is from the London Gallery of Sound is going to come and talk about sound and stuff and not talk about my ass!"

Jim: "Well if he's God incarnate you don't want to see his genitals - they could be bright and shining like the sun!"

David: "Richard, I'm gonna go now, because I don't want to hear you looking at adult porno websites."
Richard: "Oh, it's not adult, it's all minors!"

Rachel (on Jim touching Ian): "Oh, that makes me so happy!"

David: "Anything can be seafood - a dog could be seafood if you throw him in the water and drown him!"

Rachel: "I would be an excellent Lord of Darkness! What is there that Satan can do that I can't?"

Jim (on responding to the question, "Are you sexually active?"): "The correct answer to this question is, 'Yes, right now! ... And it's all thanks to this magnificent new-' and that's when they'll usually ask you to stop talking."

Rachel: "Jello is fun and fun is Jello!"

Rachel: "Give me my damn Jello!"

Richard: "I have to fathom this garbled quandry."

David: "Are you eurotrash?"
Richard: "Yeah, that's my middle name."

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