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Email #11

From:		David Bing
Date:		Monday, October 08, 2001 3:11 PM
To:		dconner2@swarthmore.edu, phoenix@swarthmore.edu
Subject:	'The diabolical origins of ML' and last week's correction


I have three more questions relating to 'The diabolical origins of ML' and
last week's correction.

Please explain, in detail, how you can qualify the plagiarism as

Please tell me how the other two sources - Walton's book and the Mt. Holyoke
webpage - were used in the writing of 'The diabolical origins of ML', citing
specific pages and passages.  This is a question that I have asked the
Phoenix several times since the beginning of this matter, and have yet to
receive a full explanation of it.

Finally, please explain exactly why you changed your statement from "The
Phoenix has indeed committed a grave mistake" to "[the article] constituted
an act of plagiarism, albeit unintentional."

Thank you,
David Bing

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