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The photos on this page were scanned from an official Mary Lyon School publication from 1924 or 1925, shortly after the founding of the school. The book provides detailed descriptions of the school's educational program, facilities, history, and student life, and is supplemented by these thirty-two photos. Clicking on any image will enlarge the thumbnail.

Mary Lyon 1, Wildcliff

Wildcliff, a former student dorm that is now used as faculty housing for Swarthmore College professors.

Wildcliff in the winter.

The main entrance to Wildcliff.

Wildcliff as seen from across the waterfall on the Strath Haven pond.

ML 2, Miller Crist

The front entrance to Miller Crist, the main administrative building of the school's campus. ML 2 burned down in 1982.

Miller Crist as seen from Harvard Avenue, looking south away from ML 4 and towards Wildcliff.

The main entrance hall to the Miller Crist building. The door on the left leads to a reception room, and the large doors on the right go to the school's auditorium.

The school's auditorium.

The aforementioned reception room.

The Mary Lyon School's library, which at one point contained 5,000 volumes.

The school's gymnasium, which had a track level raised above the main floor and would eventually have murals painted on its walls.

The swimming pool, also located in the Miller Crist building.

ML 3, Seven Gables

Students sit outside Seven Gables, with ML 4 visible in the background. ML 3 was originally constructed as a student dorm, and was retained for that purpose after Swarthmore purchased the school's buildings. Seven Gables was demolished in 1982 after ML 2 burned down.

Students exercising in a field near ML 5, Hillcrest, with Seven Gables and Mary Leavitt visible in the background.

ML 4, The Mary Leavitt

The Mary Leavitt, the one remaining building from the Mary Lyon School that Swarthmore College still uses as a student dormitory.

Horses walk towards Harvard Avenue, with Seven Gables and the south side of The Mary Leavitt in the background.

The living room of The Mary Leavitt, now used as the ML first floor lounge. The entrance to the Blue Room can be seen in the background.

The school's main dining hall, which is still used by ML residents as the Breakfast Room.

The Blue Room, a formal area adjoining the living room. It is now used as a student triple known as the Fishbowl.

Mother's Room, a guest bedroom in ML that was located on the first floor of the building and is now used as a sophomore double.

ML 5, Hillcrest

Hillcrest, a building that housed classrooms and seminar rooms, and was marked on a map as the 'French House.' Hillcrest still stands today, although it is not known what it is used for.

The Mary Lyon School

A study hall located in one of the academic buildings on campus.

A photo of the same study hall from a different perspective.

An art studio located in one of the buildings.

Some of the students who attended the Mary Lyon School

A pair of Mary Lyon students.

Another pair of students.

A group of basketball players.

The ML hockey team.

A group of students canoeing on the Strath Haven pond.

Another group of students ice skating on the same pond during winter.

Mary Lyon students dancing in a field on the campus.

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