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Photo Name Constructed / Dedicated Purpose
Squash Court Building 1920 The Squash Court Building, located by the Field House and Ware Pool, holds playing courts for the game of squash.

Lamb-Miller Field House 1935 The Field House is Swarthmore's main athletic facility. Inside the dome there is a large two-story open area with a track, basketball courts, tennis courts, and several weight rooms. The offices of the team coaches are also located in the Field House. Like the rest of Swarthmore's current athletic buildings, the building is located on the other side of the SEPTA rail, a short walk from the center of campus.

Tarble Pavilion 1978 Tarble Pavilion is an expansion of the Lamb-Miller Field House. Along with more storage space for the athletic teams, the Pavilion houses the College's main basketball court and is used for physical education classes.

Ware Pool 1981 In the mid-1960's, Swarthmore undertook a massive construction project that included a new dorm, library, dining hall, and health center. As part of the same construction project, the College also planned on building a pool at the west end of the Field House, but abandoned the idea for more than a decade. On October 18, 1980, the ground was broken for the new Ware Pool, even though the College only had $500,000 of the $1.6 million that would be needed to complete the building. Original proposals called for a large, shallow pool with a separate diving well, but eventually the idea was consolidated into one Olympic-sized pool. Half of Ware Pool's heating comes from solar energy, making it one of the most environmentally-efficient buildings on campus. The pool is used by the swim team, aquatics classes, and students and faculty of Swarthmore College.

Mullan Tennis Center 2000 The Mullan Tennis Center, located by the football field and Ware Pool, was completed in the Spring of 2000. It houses three indoor tennis courts and a very large weight room with modern equipment.

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