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General Traditional Dress Links




Central America

Eastern Europe

Middle East

North America

Oceania (Cultures of the Pacific Islands)

Polar Regions

South America

Western Europe

General Traditional Dress Links:

Recommended Ethnic Costume and Textile Books

Plates from Le Costume Historique by Racinet 1878

A Page of Dolls from All Countries - Links

International Folk Culture Center

Family Traditions

Masks, Masks, Masks

Cultural Diversity and Appearance Project

DSI's Directory Ethnic Clothing Stores Online

this site

Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes

The Shining Cloth: Dress and Adornment That Glitters

Ch'ing Dynasty Silk Robe 

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The International Doll Museum


Balch Institute--Rites of Passage--Art and Rites of Passage

Shoes from Around the World

The Photographic World of William Coupon

Journeywoman - What Should I Wear? (Travel advice on clothing for locations all around the world)

Home - business culture: Guidelines for business dress around The World

1 WORLD SARONGS "The Sarong Source!" Plus, exotic items from around the world!

HAT HORIZONS Hats And Headdresses from Around the World

Traditional Clothing from Around the World - TOPICS Online Magazine

Clothing and Costume Links (Extensive SCA list includes Medieval period dress around the globe)

boys clothes: country patterns

Search Geographic Image Collection By Country

CNST 213 Fashion Trends and Cultural Influences 1930-1960


CNST 213 Fashion Trends and Cultural Influences 1960-present

Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

QuiltEthnic.com - Intro Page


Our Tribe: Ethnographic Jewelry and Textiles

Shoes from Around the World

NOVICA ___ Art, Crafts, Tapestries, Paintings, Ceramics and Creative Works from World Artists

NOVICA - Masks

NOVICA - Clothing

WITCHES WED: Handfastings & Pagan Weddings Wedding Traditions of the World Main Page
WITCHES WED: Handfastings & Pagan Weddings Traditional Wedding Garb from Around the World

Folk Costumes of the World


Africa see Afrocentric Clothing and Textile Links
Asia See Asian Costume & Textile Page
William Coupon - Social Studies Five: Australian Drag Queens
William Coupon - Social Studies Four: Australian Aboriginals
William Coupon - Places - Australian Aboriginals
Central America
Native American - Kuna Indians of Panama (Molas)
QuiltEthnic.com - Haitian Page (Vodou Flags)
William Coupon - Social Studies Two: Haitians
William Coupon - Places - Panamanian Chocoe
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Three: The Chocoes (Panama)
Guatemalan Blouse
Kuna Dress (Panama) Photography by Bill King
Indigenous Art from Panama | Baskets Molas Tagua
Molas from Panama
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Four: Cuna Women (Panama)
Weaving The Heavens: Pre-Columbian Guatemala- Sample Activity (Women in World History Curriculum)
NMAI Conexus / The Art of Being Kuna: contents
Open Directory - Shopping: Clothing: Ethnic and Regional: Latin American
Straathandel in het centrum van Antiqua
Cubans in their colorful traditional dress brightened the Artisan's Plaza In Old Havana
Indigenous Dance/Drama/Carnival Masks from Mesoamerica
William Coupon - Places - Haiti
A Culture Unraveling: Matthew Looper On Guatemalaís Vanishing Textile Arts
The Mayans and the Mayan Beauty Ideal at Beauty Worlds
Mayan Textiles

Sovietski Collection:: Men's red folk shirt (Kids' Costumes) Man's Rubachka  


Mostly Mittens : Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People Russian Imperial Costume Paper Dolls

Indian Embroidery

Fruits (Japanese Street Fashion)

Hinterland Warriors and Military Dress : European Empires and Exotic Uniforms (Dress, Body, Culture)

The Empire of Fashion

Eastern Europe
Russian and Soviet Costume Page of the Manifesto
Eastern Orthodox Vestment links on the Religious Costume Page
Byzantine Costume Links
Polish Costume and Military Equipment 17th C. - Unit Standards
Eastern European Wedding Traditions
shkoder900 - Includes traditional costume in Albania
Traditional Polish Dress
Hungarian Clothes & Dress of the 11th Century
Gypsy (Rom) Stuff!
Polish Folk Costumes
Kent State University Museum: Greek Regions and Their Costumes
Œ«À­‰× - Greek Traditional Costumes - Flags & Banners
Greek Folk Dance Resource Manual Home Page
Greek Folk Dance Resource Manual
Polish Costuming Resource
Old Armenia Family
Welcome to greektownimports.com - Your source for Greek gifts and Greek music
Online Catalog : Traditional Greek Costumes
Georgian Muezzin
Georgian Woman
Bissonnette on Costume: 2-Geographic Search: Greece
Georgian Man
Armenian Officer
Orpheus' Costume Collection (Greek Folk Dance)
Caucasus Woman in Traditional Dress
Historical Polish Patterns 16th-18th Century
Polish Costume of the XVII Century
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Poland
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Hungary and Croatia
The Cossacks
Masks, Traditional Dress, and Age-Old Customs Mark Romanian Festivals
Period-Traditional Dress Ukraine
Traditional Lemko Women's Clothing (Ukraine)
The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition)
Collage Dance Ensemble Costumes Anatolia (Asia Minor)
Macedonian Folk Embroidery: Index
Croatian origins of the The Neck Tie
Polish Folk Costumes
Bulgarian folklore costumes with Bulgarian traditional embroidery
Caucasus Woman in Traditional Dress
Belarusian traditional clothing
Excite Folk Costume: Eastern Europe
Excite Folk Costume: Greece
Excite Folk Costume: Balkans
Kalupe Jewelry (Reproductions of Eastern European Ancient Jewelry)
  Greek Shop - National dress
Greek Shop - Traditional Clothing :
Greek Shop - Jewelry
Town Dress of Cyprus in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Orpheus' Macedonian & Ionian Folk Costume Collection
Traditional dress in Ukraine
Polish Lajkoniks
Eesti Rahva Muuseum - Estonian National Museum
Permanent exhibition - Estonian Folk costumes
greek traditional costumes,
The Ukrainian Museum - Ukraine and Ukrainians at BRAMA
CNST 213 Grecian Influences on Fashion
Lithuanian National Costume
Armenian Costume Book
Greek Wedding Traditions
MacedoniaDirect: Folk Costumes Gallery I
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Medieval Poland
13th-16th Century Polish Dress from Racinet
Treasures of Mount Athos, Hellenic Church Embroidery
Museum of the History of the Greek Costume of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women
The National Archive of Greek Traditional Costume
Polish Folk Costumes
Polish Art
Greek American Folklore Society - GAFS
Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble Web Page
Encyclopedia of the Folk Culture in Slovakia
Lithuanian Costume Images
Hungarian Images and Historical Background
Greek Costume
ABC News - Frumpy cassocks make Greek priests unlucky in love
Other Eastern Mediterranean regions
Armenian Doll Dress Collection

Kazakh Tubiteyka cap The Cultural Politics of Fur Star Trek Fans and Costume Art (Folk Art and Artists Series)

Splendid Slippers : A Thousand Years of an Erotic Tradition

Tales of the Arabian Nights Barbie and Ken

Costuming from the Hip

Chinese Clothing : An Illustrated Guide

Woven Cargoes : Indian Textiles in the East

Flowers of Silk & Gold : 4 Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery African Elegance

Hair in African Art and Culture

African Beads : A Book and Craft Kit

From Turban to Toe Ring Crowns : Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats

Middle East
Femininity Moslem Style: Traditional women's costume in Muslim countries
See Many More Islamic and Jewish Clothing Links on my Religious Costume and Clothing Links Page.
The New Jerusalem Mosaic: Costumes
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: The Middle East
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Turkey
Republic of Turkey , Ministry of Culture Traditional Anatolian Costumes
Bissonnette on Costume: 2-Geographic Search: Turkey
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Ottoman Empire
Levantia - Early Ottoman  and Byzantine Dress & Culture
Levantia: Seljuk male costume patterns
Levantia: Seljuk female costume patterns
Levantia - Stepping Out: headwear and mantles
Levantia - Islamic lounging garb
Vecellio: Mideast and Asia
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - Traditional Jewelry and Dress
Arab Americans: customs
Society & Culture: Traditional Dress (United Arab Emirates)
Saudi Arabian Traditional Dress - TOPICS Online Magazine
Kuwaiti Men's Dress
The Art of Henna
VHS Ali Baba Studios Costuming Secrets Unveiled: Creating Basic Bra & Belt Sets
Women's Dress in Kuwait
Kuwait Photo Gallery
Saudi Arabia's Traditional Dress and Jewelry
Middle Eastern Costume Bibliography
Sohaila's Belly Dance Costumes
Costumes Of the Sultans (Ottoman)
Ali Baba (Belly Dance) Costuming Secrets Revealed (Video how-to)
Lebanese Palm Sunday
Islamic Daggers
The Saudi Arabian Information Resource - Traditional Saudi dress/clothing
Shah Jahans Importers of Museum Quality Historical Reproductions from India and the Middle East
Near and Middle Eastern Costume Sites Worth Seeing
Welcome to B2B Turkish Textile Portal
turkish fashion history
Yahoo! Clubs bellydancecostuming
Oasis Dance Camp - Amel's Costuming Class
AlHediya.com, Kuwait
Online Belly Dancing Catalog - Wholesale Afghan Jewlery - Internet Bead Catalog - Lapis & Carnelian, Turkoman & Koochi - Shop Online Catalog - Central Asian Imports - Textiles, Furniture, Antiques, Beads & Jewelry from Kuchi, Turkoman, Sindhi, Punjab, Baluch, Afghan, Pathan, Waziri, Kazak, Uzbek tribes
Ice Cube Imports: Middle Eastern Dance Supplies
Yahoo! Groups : arabcostume
Medieval Sourcebook: Lateran IV: Canon 68 - on Dress of Jews and Saracens
Modern History Sourcebook: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Dining With The Sultana, 1718
11th Century Andalusi Garb: A Brief Introduction
Saudi_Arabia - business culture: Guidelines for business dress in Saudi_Arabia
Aziza Sa'id's Hotlist - Links for Middle Eastern Belly Dancers - Costumes & Vendors
The Turkish Emporium - Turkey's best online shopping mall
Bedouin Woman with Tattoos
Henna-henne Beautifying Oneself in Islam
moroccan henna history + recipes + instructions
Henna Designs from Sisters in Islam
Gingers House of Mehndi
Bedouin wedding: A riot of color and music
Muslim uses of Henna
Islamic World.Net: Sister's Page: Henna Info.
William Coupon - Places - Turkey
Tareq Rajab Museum Kuwait
MFA - Exhibition - Ikat: Splendid Silks of Central Asia from the Guido Goldman Collection
Cariadoc's Miscellany: Notes on Islamic Clothing
William Coupon - Social Studies Ten: Berbers
William Coupon - Social Studies Sixteen: Kurds
William Coupon - Social Studies Nine: The Druzim (Israel)
William Coupon - Places - Egypt
Silver Jewelry of the Middle East
Excite Folk Costume: Middle East
International - Torn Over Garments, Turkey Hurtles Toward a Showdown
Oriental clothes: Bedouin dress, Kefiya, Akal, Turkish hat
Costumes of the Sultans
traditional readymade dresses, African traditional clothes, traditional Arab clothing, readymade garments, fabrics manufacturers, traditional dresses from India
Belly Dancing: Costume Corner
Footwear of the Middle Ages - Shoe Design List/Saracen (c1000-1300)
Near and Middle Eastern Costume Sites Worth Seeing
Antique Ottoman Turkish Textiles
Latest Medieval Egyptian Knitting Projects
Medieval Muslim Knitting
Cortina: Shoes from the Middle East Calendar
Antique Oriental Tribal Kilims and Bags - Turkish, Persian and Caucasian Rugs
Maghribi Costume
16th Century Near Eastern Women's Clothing
Middle Eastern Dance Costume Links
Home Page: Kelsey Museum Virtual Textile Gallery
Personal Style in Late Antiquity
Early Islamic Inscribed Textiles
Riches to Rags Indian Block-Printed Textiles Traded to Egypt (Medieval)
Costumes of the Levant
Near and Middle Eastern Costume Sites Worth Seeing
Belly Dancing: Costume Corner
Middle Eastern Costume
Thirteenth Century Andalusian Costume
Medieval Middle Eastern Fabrics
The Inner Courtyard of Dar Anahita (Medieval Middle Eastern Clothing)
Our Tribe: Ethnographic Jewelry and Textiles
Turkmen women's garments
Turkish Women's Wear
Yemen : Culture, Traditions and Places
Maroc - Morocco : Exhibition of Traditional Costumes
The Israel Museum Costumes of the Jews of Kurdistan
The Israel Museum Costume of a Jewish Bride of Yemen c.1900
Costume Tips from the Sheikhani Dance Troupe: Full Circle Cape
Costume Tips from the Sheikhani Dance Troupe: Harem Pants & Cabaret Skirt
MacedoniaDirect: Folk Costumes Gallery I
Middle Eastern Dance Costume Links
Chandra's - Belly Dance Supplies On-Line Catalog
Costumes of the Levant
19th Century rural dress in Turkey from Racinet
Belly Dance Home Page (Oriental Dance)
Dhyanis, bellydancer, costumes and bellydancing classes
Traditional Lebanese Costumes - Al Mashriq
Costumes - Amera's Palace, The Belly Dance Place

Plains Indian Buckskin Dress Plains Indian Buckskin Dress Pattern  The Button Blanket : An Activity Book Ages 6-10 (Northwest Coast Indian Discovery Kits)

Deerskins into Buckskins : How to Tan With Natural Materials A Field Guide for Hunters and Gatherers


The Aloha Shirt : Spirit of the Islands

Men of Color : Fashion, History, Fundamentals

Spirit of the Earth Barbie Doll

Stylenoir : The First How-To Guide to Fashion Written With Black Women in Mind

Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians : Their Evolution, Fabrication, and Significance in the Prayer Drama


North America
George Caitlin paintings of Plains Indian painted robes New!
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection (Peoples of Eastern Canada)
"Old Believer" Dresses
Native Americans
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: American Indians
Apache Indian Army Scouts in Army Uniform and Traditional Dress1920s and 1930s
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Mexico
California Fashions Pre 1849
a1# Ella Little Bird custom shawls
The John C. H. Grabill Collection (South Dacota 1888-1891)
Traditional Dress by Adolf Hungry Wolf (Book on Native American Dress)
Clothing: What to wear in Indonesia: Mexican Dress
NAT-EDU mailing list: Re: ABQ schools fight traditional dress
National Congress of American Indians Resolution on Traditional Dress at Graduation Ceremonies
Yatahai Beads and Buckskins
Northern California Indian Development Council Photo Gallery
Arab Americans: customs
Swans L.A. Expressions: African American clothing, sorority and fraternity gear.
Portraits of Notable Native American Men of 1836
Buckhorn Trading Company (Rendevous suppliers)
Native American Performance Links
Welcome to the Black Fashion Museum, Washington, DC
Choctaw Dress
Native American BEADS -- history, cultural values
Aztec Dress
Lakota- Woman's Dress
Yahoo! Clubs fansmexicandanceandcostumes
Meskwaki Traditional Arts
Indigenous Dance/Drama/Carnival Masks from Mesoamerica
William Coupon - Places - Ozarks
William Coupon - Social Studies Six: Native Americans
William Coupon - Places - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Falcon Dancer (Native American)
William Coupon - Social Studies Eight: Cowboys
William Coupon - Social Studies Eleven: Ayamara and Quechua Indians
William Coupon - Social Studies Thirteen: The Tarahumara Indians (Mexico)
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Seven: The Huichole
William Coupon - Social Studies Seventeen: The Lacandon (Mexico)
NAT-EDU mailing list: Re: Graduation dress--A VICTORY!!
NAT-EDU mailing list: Re: ABQ schools fight traditional dress
Native (American) Clothing in the 17th Century
The Aztecs and Women in Aztec Times at Beauty Worlds: Facts and History
FAMSF: Native American (Sioux) Painted Parasol 1910
Dread History: The African Diaspora, Ethiopianism, and Rastafari
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
Leather and Clothes
19th Century Seminole Men`s Clothing ~ Longshirt Appendicies & References
Child's Dress, Crow people, Montana, about 1875
Young Woman's Dress, Chinese American, New York City, Mid 1930's
Ghost Dance Dress
Mexican/Fillipino Baptism
Infant Baptism in the Catholic Church and the Mexican Tradition

Welcome to the Lda Kut Naax sati' Yatx'i (All Nation's Children) home page

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

NativeTech: Leather and Clothes

"And did those feet in ancient time ..." Historical notes on native footwear

Welcome to Windspeaker's Guide to Indian Country - Portrait of a jingle dress dancer
NMAI Exhibitions - Woven by the Grandmothers - Navajo Biil (two-piece dress), ca. 1860.
Mexico Tourist Attraction Photos by PlanetWare
Sat'n Spurs: Your Colorado Western Wedding Source
People : Native Americans Screen Saver, Photos, and Wallpaper by Webshots
Minx & Tim's Camp: Custom Quillwork & Wampum
Western Bootmaking School
Anyiam's Creations: Exquisite collection of Bridal Wear, Formal Wear, Afrocentric Fashions, Robes, Cap & Gown, Tuxedos, Evening Wear, Men's & Ladies Wear, Fashion Design, Online Shop
Judy Kavanagh's Moccasin and Mukluk Patterns
Southern Native American Pow Wows: Crafts How-To
CMCC - Hold onto Your Hats! History and meaning of headwear in Canada
Native Alaskan Costume Information
CMCC - Clothing Traditions from Three Indigenous Cultures
Native American - Mainland Traditions
Crossroads of Continents Exhibit
Welcom to Harts Carnival Costumes
Image Gallery - Carnival pictures, Crop-over pictures, mas costumes, soca performers,caribana, fetes, calypso
Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 1999
Puntarama Pruductions: CARNIVAL '97
Carnival Queen Show 1998 Prizes
CMCC - Clothing Traditions from Three Indigenous Cultures
CMCC - Moccasins
Oceania (Cultures of the Pacific Islands)
The University of Hawaii at Manoa COSTUME COLLECTION 
CNST 213 Hawaiian Influences on Western Apparel
Where Echoes of Spirits Still Dwell: New Guinea Tribal Costumes
Aloha Shirts
Objects from the Cook Collection Mourning dress from Tahiti.
CNN.com In-Depth Specials - Defining Global Justice: Tradition in Tahiti
Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives (Hawaii)
Hawaiian Luau
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Oceania
The Aloha Shirt
Native American - Hawaiian Quilting Tradition
Bird Feather Wig in Papua New Guinea
Barkcloth Hawaii - Fifties Fabric Shop -Tropical Hawaiian Vintage 50's Style Fabrics
The History of the Aloha Shirt
William Coupon - Social Studies Ninteen: New Guinea Tribesmen
Hawaiian Featherwork
1834 Feather Cape from Hawaii
Feather Cape, hat and staff of Hawaiian Chief
Hawaii Tourist Attraction Photos by PlanetWare
Peabody Essex Museum Hawaiian Cape c.1820
Sources on Maori Tattooing
[leaders-net] Dress Codes in New Zeeland Schools
Australian Museum Collections - image - Cook's Hawaiian Feather Cape
Hawaiian feather cape
Hawaiian Honeycreepers
Hawaiian Cultural Image Links
Art History B10-0: Part II (Includes two Hawaiian Feather Capes)
Hawaiian Cape at Sotheby's
Ancient Featherwork - Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Polar Regions
Polar Regions Traditional Dress Page
Chinese Women's Fashion Paper Dolls

Modesty: An Adornment for Life

South America
QuiltEthnic.com - Latin/South America
Peruvian and Bolivian Weavings
Dread History: The African Diaspora, Ethiopianism, and Rastafari
Indigenous Dance/Drama/Carnival Masks from Mesoamerica
Lake Titicaca (Bolivian Dress)
The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco
Descendants of the Incas: Inca weaving traditions and family ties.
Photography by Bill King - Kuna People
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Five: The Caraja (Brazil)
Candomble women in traditional dress
William Coupon - Places - Peru
William Coupon - Places - Brazilian Carnival
Ecuador Tourist Attraction Photos by PlanetWare
The Tale of the Kayapo Feather Headdresses (Amazonian)
Amazonian Traditional dress and tools
Grenada carnival
Western Europe
Images from Costumes des Femmes du Pays de Caux, Paris, 1827. (Traditional peasant dresses in Western Europe, 1827)
Excite  Folk Costume:  Western Europe
Gypsy (Rom) Stuff!
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Europe in the 15th & 16th Centuries
European Peasant Art
Top 50 Karneval - Listinus (Top 50 Carnival sites in German)
Medieval Sourcebook: Lateran IV: Canon 68 - on Dress of Jews and Saracens
England and Wales:
Traditional Welsh Costume
English and Welsh Wedding Traditions
Reproduction Viking Age Art and Artifacts (includes jewelry)
Photographs - Traditional Northumbrian Dress, England, UK
Monster.co.uk: Getting into local authority work - entry level (Interesting notes about dressing for job interviews for British government jobs)
DragonBear: Strutt's Dress & Habits of England
Dress & Habits of England 8th-9th Centuries
Dress & Habits of England 9th-12th Centuries
Dress & Habits of England 12th-13th Centuries
Dress & Habits of England 13th-17th Centuries
Finnish National Costume
William Coupon - Social Studies Seven: Sami Lapplanders
Finnish National Costume
Finnish National Costumes
FinnLinks - Culture Category
The Craft Museum Of Finland
William Coupon - Places - Finnish Lapland
19th Century Rural Scandinavian Dress from Racinet
Excite Folk Costume: Scandinavia
Coiffes de Bretagne
La broderie en Bretagne
Welcome to the Museum of ProvenÁal Art and History : Dress
duffle coat reefer jacket and breton shirt
costumes bretons de Moelan-sur-Mer
Costumes of Normandie (In French) Lots of Pictures
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: France 15th & 16th Centuries
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: 19th Century France
Theme: History , Historical figures (1,000 French History Costumes)
Germany & Austria: 
Bayrische Tracht
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Germany
Schaumburger Trachten
THE HANDBOOK OF GERMAN DRESS- Handbuch der Deutschen Tracht
German Wedding Traditions
Trachten am Oberrhein
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: 16th Century Germany
Original Scheesseler Traditional Dress Gruppe, Germany
Das Lederhosen Museum
Trachten-P–llmann M¸nchen
Top 50 Karneval - Listinus (Top 50 Carnival sites in German)
Club for folk dance and traditional dress Dankersen - Hasenkamp! (Germany)
Zur Tracht
Hessian Tracht
Trachten- und Volkstanzgruppe Kappelrodeck e.V.
Info-Homepage des Verbandes der Heimat- und Trachtenvereine Linz und Umgebung (Austria)
Appenzell Innerrhoden > Kultur > Museum Appenzell > Trachten
Els”sser Trachten - Engerwiller
Trachten Berger
Trachten und Ledermode Sinnhofer
Alpen Lifestyle The Trachtenhaus Karl J”ger, in Miesbach/Baveria.
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: 17th & 18th Century Holland
Field's Fabrics - Dutch Costume Kits & Dolls
Typically Dutch (Wooden shoes)
William Coupon - Places - Holland
William Coupon - Social Studies Twelve: The Traditional Dutch
Iceland & Greenland:
Virtually Virtual Iceland - The National Costume
The National Costume of Iceland
A (much) smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland - Chapter XVIII - Dress and Personal Adornment - The Person and the Toilet
Irish Wedding Traditions
A (much) smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland - Chapter XVIII - Dress and Personal Adornment - Dress
Dungarvan Museum Society Online - The Edward Brenan Collection (Photos of Irish Dress 1905-1913)
Clothing of the Ancient Celts-The Rogart Shirt
The True Story of What the Irish Wore
The Shinrone Gown (Irish 16th- 17th Century)
What the Irish Wore
The Kilcommon Costume ó The Dress of a Common Man in 16th century Ireland
Irish Costume 16th -19th Centuries
Celtic Dress of the 16th C.
Pseudo-16th Century Leine Pattern
The Irish History Company
Old Irish Dyes and Dyeing
Irish Wedding Dress (Hylit)
Italy & Sardinia: 
The Grand Game of Carnival in Venice
Webshots Community - Wild Images : Venice Carnival (Hi-res)
Carnevale -- Let the Fun Begin!
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Medieval/Renaissance Italy
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Italy
Webshots Community - Venice Carnival 2000
Webshots Community - swabian-alemannian carnival
Doge di Venezia : Il Carnevale
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Two: The Sardi (Italy)
Top 50 Karneval - Listinus (Top 50 Carnival sites in German)
Costumi popolari italo - Calabria (in Italian)
Sardinian costumes a journey through time. 1/7
18th-19th Century Italian Peasant Dress from Racinet
Carnevale di Venezia 2001 - Calendario Ufficiale degli Eventi
Notes & Picture on Norwegian Dress
Husfliden - Norwegian Bunads
Norske Bunader
Nordic Heritage Museum (Seattle)
Bunader (Bunads)
Guardian Unlimited Travel | A woman wearing traditional Norwegian dress
Scandinavian Wedding Traditions
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Scandinavia
National costume of Tysnes, Norway
19th Century Rural Scandinavian Dress from Racinet
Bunad - the Norwegian National Costume
Reproduction Viking Age Art and Artifacts (includes jewelry)
Excite Folk Costume: Scandinavia
Polish Costuming Resource
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Portugal
The Art of Kiltmaking - Celtic Dragon Press
White Thistle kilt maker Scottish kilts tartan making
Clothing of the Ancient Celts-The Rogart Shirt
onlinetailor.co.uk (Scots Formal Wear)
The Evolution of the Kilt
Kilt Pleating 101
Kilts - Kilt Packages, Kilts, Highland Dress and traditional kilts in Scottish and Irish Tartans
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Scotland
Highland Dress
17th Century Highland Dress
Scottish Clothing, ca. 1600 - 1800 C.E.
What the Scots Never Wore
The Clan & Tartans of Scotland
Scottish Women's Clothing
Scottish Men's Clothing
The Highland Dress Store - Currency
Family and clan tartans (plaids)
The Kilt in the 18th century
Highland dress proscription 1746
Proscription act repealed 1782
History of the Kilt
A Short History of Tartan
Getting Married in Scotland -Traditional Dress
White Thistle kilt maker scottish kilts tartan making
Dressed By Scotland: Highland Dress, Kilts, Tartan hand-made in Scotland
Highlander 1740 - Castle Collections
Celtic Dress of the 16th C.
Books and Articles with Descriptions or Depictions of Historical Scottish Clothing
Descriptions and Depictions of Historical Scottish Clothing
Scottish Military Historical Society - Gallery
Making Scots Gilles of the Middle Ages
Spain & Grenada:
Grenada carnival
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Medieval Spain
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: 19th Century Spain
19th Century Spanish rural dress from Racinet
William Coupon - Social Studies Twenty-Six: The Gypsies (Granada)
Dress of the Queens of Sweden
Scandinavian Origins
Scandinavian Wedding Traditions
Excite Folk Costume: Scandinavia
19th Century Rural Scandinavian Dress from Racinet
Racinet's Le Costume Historique: Switzerland

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