Quotes back

Tony: Sanjay, how many siblings do you have?
Sanjay: Two, no three.

Robyn: Hey Megan! Are you drunk?
Megan: No.
Robyn: Ok...percent yield...?

The letter "f" kind of looks like a penis.
-Alyssa, trying to help Claire to a Freudian analysis of an otherwise uninteresting passage.

Help! Help! They're raping me on Eric's bed!
-Akira Irie <- pronounced "bitch"

Hey, it's the Sydney Opera House!
-Mike, referring to Megan's shark infested humus and pita

I like sharing a bed with you, Paul.

Oh, you're dressed, thank God.
-Robyn to Eric as he exits his room

Your grandmother's an oxymoron!

I'm the fucking princess!!!
-Megan (honorary resident of 1S) debating wish-granting rights afforded by the (Alyssa's) tiara and magic wand

Oh. It took my shoe.
-Claire, disconsolately looking at her pedophagus garbage can 10/21

Is that a Megan in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

More backdoor stuff...it doesn't fit.

This wood is very hard.
-Roban, in his room with Paul and Tony

I love how Eric is like our dog-we blame things on it.

Beat that monkey!!!

I'm a machine on the dance floor!
-Ted, demonstrating

You were bending over, I couldn't resist.
-Paul to Roban

I like fingering life, you less so.

I like clothes on women.

Roban: My eyes are bluest when I'm not wearing anything.
Megan: ...What?
Roban: I walk by mirrors a lot when I'm naked!

Why don't people wear clothing in this hall!?
-Robyn, seeing three half-naked men wandering around in towels

>>half-naked men <- and very sexy

I want to be up to my elbows in cow uterus every week.
-Roban, a.k.a. "wrench"

They didn't make us have sex in the forest.
-Krista on the differences between consummation and conservation

You lead very well.
-Chris to Roban while waltzing in the hall

Akira Irie, n. sing. 1. annoying little brat from Willets 3 south who pesters us; 2. black hole.

I think that's pretty safe; just don't use your penis.
-Rachel, in reference to a roll of Chips Ahoy cookies as condoms a dildo

-Alyssa, ironically foreshadowing beaning her roommate with a frisbee