Sophomore year Quotes back

Are you exorcising the demons from your food?
-Julie to Nori, who is making faces at her devilish pastabar fare

Dude, they're drinking beer out of a frisbee...that would be like someone in orchestra drinking beer out of their violin.

Ben, I'm gonna kick you in the head as soon as I can move.

Yeah, I would like to derive something from the my first child.

I'm sitting here looking at my blinker curse...MY CURSOR BLINK!
-Alyssa, while not writing a paper (5 May)

Ben: This isn't the Beatles.
Alyssa: No, it's Fiona Apple.
Ben: Oh, I couldn't figure out if you just had a really weird sound system or what.

Yeah, where are you gonna hide?
-Pat Murry to Chris Gaal, trying to hide behind his door

Dude, this is totally worth, like, dating you.
-Jacob to Alyssa regarding backscratch massages

Megan: Wasn't he gay?
Roban: He was French, it's pretty much the same thing.

It's like carbohydrates or something.
-Laurel, on marriage

I played Beirut most of the day.

Well, I want to see his [Kellam's] uvula...I'm really jealous.

It will be part of your life forever. Even if you have alzheimers.

Claire: You need holy water.
Pat: I've got a brita filter...
(on exorsizing the demons from Laura

Look at his pants, of course he's urban!
-Alyssa, on Ben

(As said by Alyssa, still asleep, although sitting up in bed and talking...)
I don't know I cant figure that out right now. Are you changing the lamp? Oh nevermind, you have nothing to do with my brain.

Feel my ass, please.

Dry humping, I believe it's called.
Claire, do you have a golf ball, lacross ball, or tennis ball? Or a chinese medicine ball?

I hope no one's offended oh I don't care, I just said penis wrinkle!

Amelia: I need to be wide awake and very healthy.
Katia: I need to fly.

I sucked it up worse than Mrs. Murphy.

Jenny: So what'd you come up with, Alyssa?
Alyssa: I'm not telling.
Jenny: Is it higher or lower than your purity test score?
(on how many people she's kissed)

I would make an absolutely terrible EJ.

It would be very perky suckage.
-Laurel, on state school

Milk me up.

Whoah! Back the anorexia truck up!

Ok, pretend this brush is a tennis racket.

Hey guys, Jenny is getting it on with the oven.

Jenny: Amelia, did you just say something about wanting to get it on with me?
Amelia: Yeah.
Jenny: Well come in here with the oven.

I hear the stove puts out though.

When your ass falls asleep, it's a real pain in the ass.

-Magic 8 Ball

I never quite got down with her barbequing husband stuff.

Would you have sex with me if I were someone else but wearing these clothes?

Megan: I love how every time you talk about the goats milk, you touch your breasts.
Roban: Well that is where my mammary glands are.

D'ya ever wonder what would happen if you bathed your whole body in toothpaste?