Organic Chemistry Class Quotes back

As said by professor Jim Rego:

I want you to have all the time in the world to stare at that thing and go, "God, I still don't know."
[on taking hour long exams in two hours]

$850,000,000 endorsement and I have to deal with...

This isn't beta, this is big B. This is greek, this is us.

I love technology. Thank god the chalk doesn't have a switch.

Achiral, like A...sexual. I dunno why that one came out.

Katie Davenport: So those little dimples represent...
Rego: Dimples? They're relative energy minima!

Come to my office, you can see evidence of entropy increasing all the time.

In fact, they had an episode of ER where some guy came in with HF poisoning. Pretty exciting for a nerdy chemist on a Thursday night.

They're like cockroaches, they've got a big effect when there's a lot of them.
[on the efficacy of hydrogen bonds]

It's like those Buddhist paintings where things get smaller and smaller. It's very confusing. hell with it. Leaving group's just gonna leave. Ooh, check out my bond length.

This is meta, from Nintendo.

To put it on, you'd need to use...phosgene. Oh my lord. This is mustard gas. Yeah.

But don't worry about it, if you need acid chlorides, I can get you acid chlorides.