Insect Bio class quotes back


Sarah: I play like Hernease.
Aja: Oh, badly?

Can you grasp earth, wind and fire? Well, not earth...
-Charles, in defense of one of his 20 questions objects

I got Daphnia, but no larvae luvin'.
-Rachel, bemoaning her lack in test specimens

Is it human? Is it A human?
-Robbie, 20 questions again

Well, if you have a small rainbow.
-Charles, again justifying his less than reasonable responses to 20 questions.

I shouldn't be allowed with this thing called talking.

See that big white thing? That's not the fridge, that's a winged termite.

On scrub jays:
Elisha: Where do they live?
Philip: In scrub, which is why they're called scrub jays.
Elisha: Why don't they just find more scrub?
Philip: Because scrub habitats are shrinking.
Elisha: Oh.........................What's a scrub?

Done. They'll never find the body.
-Rachel, coming back into lab from the general area of Philip's office
Philip quotes from lectures:

"I think the technical term is 'fuck all'"
-on how much sap you get from a tree with a straw

"They're sorta like cowboys, they're tough and know how to change a lightbulb, but they're not so good at expressing their feelings"
-on scleritized bug cuticles

"Even though I'm sort of an entomologist, I still think of them as the stuff of 50's horror films"

"We'll see about that when we start putting dead things on the roof and letting them rot."

"I was, uh, acting out 'crappy'"

"No, smart people do."
-on combining genetics and paleobiology

"They cannot survive without outside help, they're sort of like chihuahuas."
-on termite fungus

"She can't buck him off...that's with a "B" ladies and gentlemen."
-on gerridae mating tactics

"This used to be called SLF, where that stood for 'sneaky little fucker'"
--again, on gerridae