ICCS Team Centro fall 2001 Quotes back

"Commodus was a crazy guy. Sort of a Steve Martin kinda character."

"Wake up! I want to see signs of incredulity, not boredom!"

"Rawr! My Cosmo!"

"By the way, she's become a nymphomaniac."
-Bernie, about Sam and her site tour of the temple of the Nymphs (Ninfe?)

"Ah, the acrid stench of learning!"
-Jeff, upon entering the British Academy

Claire: I have a burning desire... or rather a desire of burning.
Doug: Hopefully your desire isn't burning.
Neil: What? Burning Bernie?

"You guys, I'm not a psycho!"

"I just like referring to Ovid as a playboy."
-Katie, oral presentation

Owen: I'm serious, he's the Beethoven of our age.
Jeff: I can't believe you just referred to AfroMan as comparable to Beethoven!

"Jeff's not here today, so someone else has to go first."

Jeff: We all need a little Venus.
Emma: Yeah, we know Jeff.

"Dennis with all his latin bitches."

"Why do I wear the napkin? Cause I'm a fucking slob."
-Doug, dropping hamburger into lap

"I'm not worried about how it's written, I'm worried about it existing."
-Kathryn, on her final paper

"Holy shit, we're gonna have so much fun Thursday. I'm gonna throw up."

"And then you can die. Oh no! Uteris, stay where you are! Ah! My uteris is moving too fast, I'm gonna choke!"

Emma: You look like a Santa-type to me, Matt.
Matt: What's that supposed to mean?
Emma: You're jolly.

"Blow me down! There are these little bells!"
-Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, about Pompeiian houses and doorbells

"No? Jolly good."
-Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

"Again... I don't want to steal Dennis' thunder..."

"Bean my wife with a two by four, she better not do nuthin'."
-Dan, from Tennessee, in response to Trimalchio

"Aw, my thistle went limp."

"The sooner we start, the sooner we will begin."

Jim runs through the room.
Lauren follows saying, "I'm not evil! I'm not evil!"

"They are losers, they're a loser culture."
-Bernie, on the Etruscans

"I planned this for old time's sake."
-Bernie, upon his phone's ring in lecture

Sarah: "Want me to read you a bedtime story?"
JK: "Sure."
Sarah: "Hadrian was a..."

"His gene pool?... Stagnant!"
"The less said, the better."
-Bernie, on the Victor Emmanual Monument

"...and the result is the marginalization of Rome. Which is why Sam went to London this weekend."

"Yes, the last five minutes was brought to you by the 1960's nostalgia review."

"How can he expect us not to drink, we look at rocks all day!"
-Katie, while on the Sicily trip

"Just because it's said in lecture, don't assume it's true."

"These are people, but they sort of look like pigeons from far back..."
-Phil, on the reconstruction of Trajan's forum

"So if you walk up there, um, be careful, but..."
-Bernie, on going to the Temple of Jupiter in a lightning storm

"There is a continual...ongoing...sort of...debate..."

"I have Smurfet's pussy on my shoulder."

"And then you get the Temple enlargened."

"Don't say dick. Use the word thrifty."
-Mike, on spending money on girls

"Have you eaten your Phil today?"

"What is there to say? It's pottery!"

"We'll meet under the arch which says 'PAX'... which is a Latin word you may be familiar with."

"I don't mean pathetic like I am, I mean pathetic like full of pathos."

"Although the ritual is a little bit different than bar mitzvah rituals."

"If the ox doesn't want to go, the ox won't go."

"...on into the 2nd century... Rover! Come join us!"
-Phil, as a large dog bounds toward the group

"I dug under him once at Frigelli."

"Where there's soft, underground land."

"But LeGlay [the text book], I thought, was very vague and sketchy."

"...when Abraham and Yousef were told they were gonna have a kid even though they were very old."

"That's a closeup of the throne of God. It's very nice."

Peter Rockwell: Cold cast bronze is a nice euphamism for plastic.
Phil: So [the statue of Hadrian] is plastic?

"Aquafresh or Colgate..."
-Dan, on how much Peter Rockwell should clean Bernie's marble

"Look away from the dog. Look away from the dog! Look at your handout. He's just scratching, they have fleas, they do it all the time."
-Shawna, desperately trying to keep attention on her lecture

"This does respect muesological order."
-Bernie, on going to the Capitoline Museum instead of the Crypta Balbi