Claire Weiss' Online Dicotomous Insect Identification Key


There is a distinct problem with identifying insects, simply due to their numbers.  There are millions upon millions of types of insects, the larger part of which we have yet to discover, see, come to know, much less name and categorize.  That being said, there is a large number of insects that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Taking the time to figure out what these insects are and how they work is something of a daunting process.  For those people more interested in the biology of these organisms, I offer this site.  Under normal circumstances, a large, bulky text book would be needed to "key out" an insect, if not several.  Plus, such books usually assume a great deal of basal knowledge on the part of the reader in order to use it properly.  Through this site, any lay person should be able to identify an insect to its order and, eventually, to its family (the order phasmida is the only current fully functional family identification key).
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Key for Insect Orders

Key for Insect Families (Order already known)

Other On Line Keys

Skeleton page for additional Orders

Glossary of Insect Terminology

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