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Barry: Arthur, don't get any more [wine].
Arthur: You don't have to drink any.
Barry: Oh, I'm drinking!

Oh, there's nothing in the bottle. If there were something in the bottle, I'd be a lot more concerned.
-Tim, after knocking over a wine bottle

A conversation over walkietalkie:
Dan: All our equipment is in the storeroom except the ladder.
Michael: Why is the ladder not in the storeroom?
Dan: I don't know, I wasnt part of the ladder conversation.
Michael: Could you put the ladder in the storeroom.
Dan: I will put the ladder in the storeroom.
Michael: Thanks.
Dan: Yeah.

I can see clearly now the backfill's gone.
I can see all artifacts in my way.
It's gonna be a fine, fine, fiinne archaeological day.
-Jenn's trench

There was a towel incident. That I thought I could manage. But I couldn't.

Phil has put more people into orbit than NASA.

You've been taken over by the ghost of Chaucer.
-Claire, to Kim who had just said she was adding the letter E to the word "with" for no good reason.

How does P and O get all the way down here? Oh, I'm still in the wrong house.

It went from the tape to my shorts.
-Rocchio, re: rock throwing

There's a lot of stuff in that stuff.

The nah with the yah.

C2: Can I hit you if you mention one more thing about archaeology tonight?
C1: No.
C2: Why not?
C1: Cause it'll hurt.
C2: I'll make it nice.

Shovels?!? What the fuck?!?

I actually nearly just shat myself.

Sticky? What's a sticky deposit anyway??

Michael: Your water is piss warm now?
Dan: Actually a bit warmer than piss. Microwaved-piss-warm.

Nature hates me.
-Dan (as he fights through underbrush)

Jess: Why did the drain cross the corridor?
Claire: To get to the other cistern.

It's an oval-y circle. Or an oooval.

Thought process: cookies might contaminate the dirt for flot. We should send a bucket of cookies to flot.

Well, I gotta make a line. Otherwise I might as well just stick my tongue int he dirt.
-Tara, on licking fingers in the trench

SU 1. Creation of the earth.

Things to write on a hardhat:
+ If I was paid, maybe I'd give you directions.
+ I don't have any idea where I am.
+ If you can read this, get a map and leave me alone.

Clare: A's for everyone!
Claire: Too bad she has no control over grades.
Matt: So when's your birthday?
Claire: April.
Kim: ...slash what's your favorite dessert?

I'm a trapese artist, I work better without a net.

Jenn: They're putting out wine with labels.
Phil: Did you say with their nipples?

Michael is the Ghandi of the AAPP.

Michael: For years I thought I had to include students, it's really important. But now, fuck em.
Phil: And if that goes in the quote book, don't put it down as "-Michael", put it down as "-Head of Fieldschool".
Evan: Did I just miss something funny?

Feel free to spray that all over my back.
-Clare to Tim re: sunscreen

Why do oranges not have a button to press so that they peel themselves?

Tim: "Rick, how does this deposit relate? Rick - Well, when the insula was formed..."

Do you think he actually has a mother?
-Clare, re: Burns

Jenn: So I'm much more in love with my crazy cistern now.
Michael: What I heard was 'I'm much more in love with my crazy sister now'"

I'll never get a husband with these hands now.

Only in archaeology do you get four grown men staring at a wall.

She just complimented me on my crack!
-Matt, re: Jess and cracks in the cocciopesto

This is going to be the best dinner ever! It only takes one!
-Megan, into her first beer the night after backfill

Suzanne: I have a pasta feature. [she starts to eat it]
Alia: You just destroyed the archaeology.

It's unicum, what could go wrong?

Contraceptive floors stop you from going any further.

Mixed drinks: