summer 2005 quotes back

"What's that mean? There's no pork in it?"
-Craig, on the definitioin of kosher

"I'll wear the bag."
-Eric, as a tshirt for the desperate woman

"I was going to run it by Michael, but he's got his head down Phil's hole."

"Bit of ass contact and whoosh."
-Damian, on the destuction of a section

"Dig it and maybe it will go away."

"A tiny rampart to repel the pygmy horde."

"Don't worry about getting an erection--we've got one already."
-Keffie to Paul in regard to a supersifter

"I'm FULL!"v -Keff

"Anything lighter than dark."
-Erin, on the color of jeans

"Beans! Or! Owie!"

"Ooh! I'll make your shorts! Awesome!"

"A triumvirate of four."

"When geraniums attack!"

"Irony is my favorite emotion."

"...and he decided he needed to use my pillow as an ass... no."

"I'm feeling a distinct odor."

"When putting something in your mouth for the first time in your life, suck, don't chew."
-Bone Jones

"I am not long for this vertical world."
-A very tired Claire

"She's trying to turn me on... There's a little Claire on Clare action."

"One set of shit smells very like another set of shit."

"One more for posterity." -Emily
"I think you have a lot of posterity already." -Eric, face down in the spoil heap, ass in the air

"Oh! Jim Bob is a lot bigger than we first thought... If you know what I mean. When we first uncovered it, it was just a little nub." -Jenn
"Like laying in the bathtub." -Eric

"You digging on my trench?"
-Claire to Briece

"Rubble rubble rubble, I got funky trench wall trouble."

Katerina: You really want to dig, don't you?
Michael: Yes.
Katerina: You should got dig someone's butt.
Michael: What?
Katerina: Does that have connotations?

"That was a silent burp if ever I heard one."

"I think there are small shrubs that would make a better president than Bush."

"Teabagged by the BME."
-Phil, about the supersift hitting Dan in the face

"You need more than two people to start an insurrection."

"Can you tell me how to get to the House of the Vets?"

"The time for comedy is past. Now it's war."
-Phil on this year's pseudonym for Blackouts

"Oh my god, there's my faceprint."
-Elly, sitting up from laying on her stomach on a thermarest in the heat of the afternoon

"Holy amphora soakaway Batman!"

"If I wasn't an archaeologist, I wouldn't think it was hot."

"The best kind of party is a green bean party for 200." -Keffie
"That's a fiesta de legume!" -Jenn

"He got jamarried in wamaica."

"We've got REALLY cold water and slightly less REALLY cold water."
-Els on the temperature of the showers

"I have 2000 year old shit down my pants."

"Nothing is better than an ass in pleather pants."

"Can you pass the masculine tape?"

"Ya know, the shaky box thing?"
-Emily re: BME

"You better watch it or we'll start throwing rocks at you." -Maureen (i think)
"Yeah, Sulla's attack number two!" -Phil

"What happens behind the drawing board stays behind the drawing board."

"It's groovy in pot land."

"Look happy in your hole!"

"You made my tummy hurt with your sins."
-Hillary to Dan

"You're an advanced student--work it out!"
-Dan to Erin about overfilling her water glass

"It's all about laying it back on your face and moving it back incrementally."
-Eric, about spoons on noses

"Are you not impressed with the squishy middle bits?" -Damian to Tim

"Corn fed free range self basting monkey shaped nob."
-Eric, Phil and Damian

"Rick wished me many hours of pleasure with the vibrating Pooh."

"Comedy Breasts no longer. Comedy Breasts 2004. 2005-When Belgians Attack!"

"Where's the excavating Ho?"

"Tom is spooning the wall." -Keffie

"I haven't seen me around much either."

"I got hit in the face by Briece's Massive Erection."