summer 2004 quotesback

It's like The Hunt for Red October in me mouth.

Lisa: "Let's walk the strip."
Phil: "Let's walk and strip?!?!"

It really is raining. I should probably check my tent. It's raining in my wine!

Cooler than a gargoyle giving a blowjob to a rubber lighter.

Offensive? You called me a creepy drunken American hoe! -Gina
In a nice way. -Alex

90% of gargoyles look like Barry Hobson.

The strong taste of Pinus in my mouth.

That dog humps my Buca, baby.

I'm protected by my uniboob.

Sex, sex, sex. You are macho man.
-Andrea's wife upon confrontation by Shorty, Keffie and Claire dressed in matching "sex drink" shirts

Um, I'm allergic to sifting. It's against my religion. I'm a counter-sift Catholic.

Stevo: "My body is an essay. An essay on artistry."
Briece: "More like a graffito of bullshit."
It might take me a while doing it with me tongue.

Yeah, she's subtle. Like a sarno block.
-Karen, about Anica

It was like someone had tipped a box of shorty dolls down a concrete staircase.

They have tablets for that?!
-Karen, on breast enlargement and the pill

Anybody younger than me and Claire can be on team Rocchio. Younger by season. In Pompeii years.

We put the trix in the Harris Matrix.

My shoes need their own SU.

Ow, I just pinched my butt with my trowel.

Aw, man, where's my trowel? It should be in my pants.

I'm going to Paestum with Burnsie. We're going to siege the city. Just the two of us.

If it comes with the pull, then take it."
-Claire, on removing artifacts while excavating