summer 2003 quotes back

Eric: I like them [clams] cuase they taste like sand.
Damian: You must love the beach, Eric. It's like an unlimited buffet.

"I am the conjunction of bad joke and serendipity."
-Eric (about the Jerry McGuire kid)

"You must never let the Unicum see its own shadow."

"Dude, he's old enough to be her mom."

Rick (to Damian):'re having sex with Gary.
Gary: Yes!
Damian: Gary's having sex with the students.
Gary: Yes!

"Ok, compare willies later."
-Rick, to Astrid and Gary

Shorty: Gary, I think you're going to turn into a pear someday.
Gary: That would be nice, I'm sick of being single.

Shorty: I can't talk, it's too tight with the strap on.
Kevin: Really? Too tight for a strapon?

"People who die on their vomit are usually cool."

Eric: I'm a social butterfly. More like a chigger or tick.
Catherine: Social chigger?

Catherine: Ok, so my friend was giving this guy head and he tickled her and the cum came our her nose.
So be careful.

"All this dick is making me want a pretzel...Craig's dick, pretzel."

"I just didn't recognize you, your ass wasn't hanging out."

"Just flog ourselves with our Fanta bottles."

"Our toilet smells like shit, yours only smell like piss."

"I can't stop thinking about the Fresh Prince, it's making me all warm and gooey inside."

"We were forced to take separate showers on several occasions cause i wanted to pick my nose."
-Hana, about her boyfriend

"It's fabulous, and at the bottom of a really big hole."
-Damian, regarding the Villa dei Papyri

"Spoon + My ass = you"

"Tast buds are just a whole cup of...a different cup of...fuckin!"

"D'ya thing that if you were born to a circus family, you'd run away to be an accountant? Disappear one day with a troupe of management consultants."

"We're coming down onto SU7 and it's a big deposit of whoop ass."
-Phil (about soccer)

"Our team has a ne se qua."

"Will you help me carry my rotten wood?"
-Phil to Shortay

"If I was Harry Potter, my wand would be a leaf."

"It's the 'I've got everything under control'-FUCK!"
-Damian, upon seeing SU36 (cobbles)

"Is there always this much dirt in archaeology?"
-Shelly Sinclair

"Quit flying in my eye! I say that a lot."

Phil: I have good news and I have bad news.
Gary: What's the bad news?
Phil: Walls all afternoon.
Gary: and the good?
Phil: Christ is risen!

"I'm all up in Eric's shorts."

"I dreamt of lapilli."

"There's lots of little camp fires going on, but only one has a glowing green pussy."