Tarble Game Room Space Proposal

Swarthmore College Computer Society

8 October 2000

SCCS Media Lounge

0. Summary

Official title:				SCCS Media Lounge
Authors:				       SCCS Staff

Proposal summary:  The Tarble basement game room space is
remodeled to become a general purpose lounge and computer
lab. Resources include a conference table and whiteboard,
nine computer workstations, multimedia equipment, private
storage space for the SCCS servers, and a multimedia room
for presentations, videos, and games.

Necessity:  This proposal addresses the lack of dedicated
student meeting space on campus and gives the SCCS neces-
sary space to expand its services. Without the ability to
allow direct access to its equipment, the SCCS risks los-
ing its ability to provide a truly useful resource to the
college community.

Users of the Media Lounge:			 Everyone
Custodians of the space:			 The SCCS

1. Introduction

The Swarthmore College Computer Society is a chartered student organization founded to help students, faculty, and staff enhance their creative and academic lives with computers. Since our inception in 1991, we have introduced new technologies to the entire campus (e.g. the World Wide Web) often well before they are in common use by the Internet community at large. Now, as the price of the necessary equipment drops, the SCCS finds itself yet again at the cusp of a new era in computer-assisted creativity: the era of broadcast digital multimedia. Unfortunately, this technology requires people to use special hardware - hardware we have, but cannot house.

A fundamental tenet that the SCCS as an organization holds is that modern computer technology can offer massive creative payback for a minimal time investment (again, the Web is a pertinent example). Unfortunately, few people have access to the equipment that makes this possible. The SCCS media lounge proposal provides this crucial access by creating an environment where students, faculty, and staff can carry on everyday work (e.g. homework, group and club meetings) and - if they are so inspired - supplement this work with the nearby computer and multimedia equipment. Those who visit explicitly for creative purposes have instant access to the tools and tutorials they need. Finally, if the budget allows, people who visit for recreational purposes will enjoy our well-stocked media theater room with its DVD player and game consoles.

2. The Plan

Our plan for Tarble Basement casts the windowed portion of the main area as a computer lab, the portion between the columns and the entrance corridors as a lounge and conference area, the former arcade room as a closed server equipment room, and the terraced television room as a multimedia viewing lab. This configuration derives almost exclusively from an architectural diagram commissioned by the college during the fall of 1999. It creates an environment providing several in-demand spaces - additional computer facilities, a lounge/study/group meeting area, and a small television and video screening area - and arranges them in a way that allows their functions to be combined if the need arises.

We present our plan for the Tarble basement space using a tier system. Because budgets grow and shrink over the years, we have taken our plans and arranged them into three levels of priority and affordability. The first tier presents the improvements we promise to effect immediately if our proposal wins the referendum. The second presents improvements we will make if extra remodeling budget monies are available/appropriate or if the Student Budget Committee allows us to put them in next year's budget. The third tier is a final list of "pie in the sky" additions that would be nice to add if we can.

2.1 Tier 1

Tier 1 sets up the basic lounge and lab space. Covered here are the costs of refurbishing the basement area and adding the necessary equipment to allow us to carry out our immediate multimedia goals.

Computer lab
8 general purpose workstations FREE (already owned)
1 video/multimedia workstation FREE (already owned)
Professional color inkjet printer FREE (already owned)
Monochrome laser printer FREE (already owned)
Assorted multimedia equipment FREE (already owned)
Structural costs
Design fee $5,500
Demolition $500
Electrical work $8,000
Network wiring $2,000
Millwork counters $5,500
Carpentry/doors/hardware $2,000
Painting $900
Grilles for millwork counters $1,000
Patch walls and floors $1,000
General Conditions $1,500
Contingency $3,000
Basic accouterments
Corkboards (2) $62
Dry erase board $240
Conference table FREE (facilities)***
Chairs FREE (facilities/current stock)
Commercial coffeemaker $70
Bookcases/shelving/desks FREE (facilities/current stock)
Cubicle panel walls* $250
Fiber optic anti-theft system $600
Motion detectors (2) $40
Closed-circuit camera system $1,000
Window replacement $1,500
Total: $34,662

2.2 Tier 2

Tier 2 features several important additions to the basic lab that we intend to add eventually, either out of what remodeling budget remains after Tier 1 or (if possible) from the following year's budget.

Additional items (Tier 2)
Video projector, screen, and wiring $6,000
Low-end multimedia computer with DVD drive $1,400
VCR $350
USB CD burner $225
Couch $200
Miscellaneous computer-related games/toys (e.g. Lego robots) $600
Nice lamps, decorations $300
Total: $9075

2.3 Tier 3

Tier 3 features various additional items that we think would be nice to have in the media lounge, should the money make itself available. We obviously needn't have all of these, so the total at the bottom is omitted.

Extra items (Tier 3)
Soundproofing (due to Paces) unknown
Wireless Ethernet $700
Game consoles (PlayStation 2, N64) $400
All walls covered with whiteboard $1000
Audio system $400
Large television $700

3. Security

We have given much thought to the security of the expensive equipment within the Media Lounge. To prevent theft or defacement of property, we offer the following countermeasures:

4. Conclusion

We at the SCCS are excited about this proposal and believe it to make the most use out of the Tarble basement space. Most of all, we are greatly looking forward to what Swarthmore students, staff, and faculty will do with the resources we will finally be able to offer.

5. Architectural diagram

[diagram image]

* As a movable divider to separate the computer lab from the conference room.
** This equipment may partially be provided by the college.
*** If facilities cannot provide a conference table, the SCCS will either consider adding one to the budget for an additional $500 or constructing one of acceptable quality from purchased lumber.