I'll come off sounding like a dork, but here we go anyway: the Internet is a really interesting place. All these people, most of whom you've never met, bearing their souls and making shit up and packaging it all for our consumptive pleasure in easy to swallow HTML or Javascript or Perl/CGI/what have you.

It's great.

From the endless hours I've spent poring over the content of webpages, I've found some amazing sites, which I'd like to share with you. Some of them are made by people I know, some of them are made by people I wouldn't ever want to encounter in the real world, and some of them just give you information about some of my many obsessions.

Categorizing them would take too much time.

Murmurs.com: Definitive web-source on all things R.E.M. Nifty graphics. Frequently updated.

Radiohead.com: Click on everything in this site, or you're likely missing out on something brilliant. See also my link to Stanley Donwood.

Spermatikos Logos: We all need a little paranoia in our lives, and nothin' says lovin' like Thomas Pynchon. You may never get to touch the master, but you can tickle his creatures.

The Coupland File: Douglas Coupland is my rainy-day reading of choice...why not make him yours? He likes Legos and photography, and he's Canadian.

Chuck Palahniuk : He's the guy who wrote Fight Club, but more importantly, he wrote Survivor. He's from Oregon, land of some of my favorite crazy people, and the web site's fun to read.

Gizmonics: Joel Hodgson used to be the funniest guy with robot friends on MST3K...now he's just bizarre, but he's got a bitchin' website.

David Lynch: Graphics- intensive but really nice site dedicated to the man who brought us Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, and Blue Velvet.

Stanley Donwood: I don't quite know how to explain this page, but please go look at it anyway. His list of irrational fears is one of the coolest things I've ever found online.

The Lawn Wranglers: This page is dedicated to the cinematic stylings of Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, and Luke Wilson. They brought us Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, and soon they'll bring us The Royal Tenenbaums.

The Kids in the Hall: They were funny, and they will be missed. The author exhaustively catalogs their 5-year television stint with transcripts, sounds, discussions and a really nice site design.

The Vacant Lot: They were incredibly funny, woefully underappreciated, and sorely missed. This site keeps the love alive as best it can.

(The Site Formerly Known As) The Antisocial Snowday Science Project: This girl draws metal trees, angels, dragons, and leaves, but more importantly she has a list of the funniest dj names I've ever read.