What we have here is the pathetic beginning of a very long, involved project. This page, and those included as links, will attempt to describe in some detail the experiences of an average-type person in the land of magic, wonder, and not entirely inconsequential evil that is Walt Disney World and its connected attractions.

My 'research' into this topic began at the tender age of six, when I was dragged, screaming hysterically, into the hellish thrill-world of Mr. Toad's Wild ride. This research continues up until March of this year, when I was allowed a privileged glimpse at the seedier side of our pal Mickey's empire.

I am by no means an expert on the Disney Experience (I would fear even claiming to be one, as I think that's grounds for the Mickey Police to pop up out of the floor and carry me away); I am merely a very vocal patron of the park with something of a grudge/fascination and a lot of time on my hands. And this, my friends, is the stuff web pages are founded on.

So be patient with me while I tell you my stories, and feel free to share yours with me...we're aiming for a picture of the total experience here, and my adventures alone just won't cut it.

Dante In Fantasy Land: Grandma and Tiffany in Mr. Toad's Hell