Poems and Quotes and Puns, Oh my!

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Note: I wrote most of this page quite a while ago (fall '98) and apart from a few links have not done much to change it since. Perhaps at some point I will redo this page, but I'm too busy (lazy) right now.

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This is my preliminary web page, for now a repository for nifty things I find in books and on the web. 'Tis simple, I know, and I shall enhance it into something grander as I acquire time (ha ha). For now, it is the best way to put up some things I have recently found and are too long for a .plan file.

First, the requisite links. First, of course, is Swarthmore College, though I think only Swat students will be visiting at this time, and I certainly hope you can get to the school's homepage. Likewise for SCCS, which maintains this page, though if you do not have a <insert current server name here> account, do get one. 'Tis a wonderful means of communication/procrastination.

Yet more Summer Work!

For the third year in a row, I am spending my summer at school rather than taking to opportunity to go home, see my family, and get away from school for a while. Of course, this year there is a thesis involved, so I don't have much choice. Read a bit about my studies in quantum information.

To see what I was up to in my previous research venture, visit my research '99 page.

Now, if you'd like to see sites with content established, visit my friends.

Well, there are handful of pages to keep you entertained. Now for the poems and such that I promised.

Other Links

Link to SETI@Home Search for aliens in your (computer's) spare time!

The Oxford Centre for Quantum Computation qubit.org