Lyme Regis is a small town on England's south coast, at the border between the counties of Dorset and Devon.  It's surrounded by cliffs rich in fossils.  Jane Austen visited here and set a pivotal scene in Persuasion on the Cobb, a long stone pier that snakes out to sea.

The village at low tide.

A view of the village from the Cobb.

A view from the Cobb of the cliffs beyond the village.

The lower level is the original Cobb, while the upper level was built during Jane Austen's time to provide protection from the sea wind.

The surface of the upper Cobb is steeply slanted and rather uneven, which makes traversing it an adventure in itself.

None of the means of accessing the lower Cobb from the upper (and vice versa) are particularly trust-inspiring.

The famous steps from Persuasion.

I managed to traverse the steps with difficulty, but then there was no Captain Wentworth around to offer a helping hand.

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