Naked Math Women!

So you're looking for naked math women. Well, it's been a long and uphill battle, but this page has finally been recognized! Yes, enter "naked math women" on Google, and your search will not come up empty. (I feel compelled to point out that before Google found my site, AltaVista would at least ask if you wanted to Comparison Shop for Naked Math Women.)

This all started when a couple of my friends were searching for "naked math women" (with quotes) on the internet, during a bit of Algebra depression, I believe. We were shocked and appalled to discover that no results turned up (though if you just searched for the three terms separately, you got a lot of web pages about bumper stickers). So I created a link on my web page to search AltaVista, in hopes that, one day, it would not come up empty. Well, it doesn't! It comes up with my page, surprisingly enough.

I figured, though, that a lot of people who might be searching for real naked math women might be disappointed to discover that my page didn't have any pictures, just the endless-looping link. So, with the interests of such people in mind, I've decided to include some pictures of naked math women. You can find these below!

This is me (genuine math woman) thinking about measure-preserving transformations while naked.
Unfortunately, it's really dark.


This is my roommate (genuine math woman) classifying groups while naked.
Unfortunately, it's really dark.


(Here is an awesome song she requisitioned.)

This is several of the SMALL women (genuine math women) streaking while naked.
Unfortunately, it's really dark.


This is the DSP women (genuine math women) doing classified mathematics while naked.
It's not really dark, but your browser may be configured to black out this sensitive information.

(Emily Resseger, Ellen Veomett, Lauren Toney, me, and Monica)

This is the SMP (genuine math women) toga party.
We're not quite naked, but it's not really dark.


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