UPDATE -- January 30, 2006: Posted Mage 0.31 for download, thanks to the folks at RPI! See note below. Also note that I'm now at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, so my email address has changed accordingly.
UPDATE -- August 01 2002: Posted Mage 0.2 for download. See CHANGES.txt.

This is the home page of the open source release of Mage, a very simple c interface to the rFlex controller used on Real World Interface (RWI) robots. Mage has been tested on Magellan Pro's and Magellan II's, but I expect it to work fine with other robots which use the rFlex. I developed it during the summer of 2000 for our entry into the AAAI mobile robots competition (we won Urban Search & Rescue and Hors d'Oeurvres Anyone), and have improved it somewhat for my thesis work. A short note: although RWI generously gave me code examples, they take no responsibility for the functionality of this code. Neither do I really, but if you email me I'll try to help you out. --Nathaniel Fairfield []

From Kris Beevers @ RPI: yesterday I made a couple of small modifications to the code that give a better model for the IR sensors. The changes are in irCalibration.h and Mage.c, and there is a perl script ( that does some simple preprocessing and includes documentation. I attached the modified version of the library since I thought you might be interested.




A short doc on the api.


An example of Mage doing a Braitenberg vehicle. If you have any new examples you'd like to submit, please don't hesitate to email me.
Updated: Jan 30, 2006