Gay Pride Parade, New York City, June 2000.
queer as folk
qsa workshops

This series of ten workshops was sponsored by the Queer Straight Alliance at Swarthmore College during the fall of 2000. I designed them hoping to create a forum to talk about queer issues for a population that was already fairly experienced in elementary queer issues, and had tired of the same old conversations about homophobia, identity, etc. I wanted to explore new venues of talking about queerness.

The workshops should be appropriate for participants of most comfort levels but are not really meant for entire groups who are very new to or not very comfortable with gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/queer issues. Some or most require a fairly experienced and well-versed facilitator who is ready to field some hard questions. (See excerpts from Is It A Choice?) Keep in mind too that these workshops were initially created for college students: some (particularly 3: (trans)gender and 4: queer sex) may not be comfortable for younger or older groups of participants.

The workshops are designed for small to medium groups (5-30 people) in a fairly secluded indoor space. Some require a board to write group brainstorms on, many require pencils and handouts to be xeroxed ahead of time, some (like 3: (trans)gender, 4: queer sex and 8: erotica, smut, pornography & more) require more extensive props or co-facilitators. Each workshop is designed to take about an hour, and has a one-page outline (available in html or pdf format) which follows the same basic plan: objectives, materials needed, preparation, icebreaker, name game, main activity, closing. Each workshop also includes a one-page advertising sign (available in pdf or microsoft word 5.1) which includes the following disclaimer at the bottom:

open to everyone and anyone who is straight or straight-edge, queer or peculiar, curious, bi-curious or bisexual, lesbian or thespian, gay or gleeful, differently abled or differently gendered, religious or raucous, questioning or question-free, closeted or closet-bound, rightist or right-handed, clueless, toothless or label-less, leftist or left-handed, out or outspoken, polygamous or polyglot, asexual or apolitical, none of the above, all of the above or anything else.

Please use these workshops, individually or as a curriculum, and send me any feedback or comments!

  1. what is queer? and other seemingly simple questions
  2. queer & family
  3. (trans)gender
  4. queer sex
  5. gay marriage
  6. queer athletics
  7. queer literature
  8. smut, erotica, pornography & more
  9. queer religion
  10. culturally mediated (a)sexuality?