As of now, I'm a Greek minor here at Swat. My relationship to Greek at the moment is kind of sketchy and ambivalent, but I'm sticking with it.

I got into Greek almost on a whim; at orientation, they have these booths during lunch one day outside the dining hall where you can go talk to heads of departments about classes and stuff. My friend Ben was over at the Classics table, and I had to talk to him about something, so I went over there. I ended up talking to Gil Rose, who was the head of the department last year, for a few minutes and he really talked me into it.

I'd been to Greece spring of my senior year of high school, and loved it, and so I was sort of excited to be learning the language now, albeit the ancient form. Plus, Gil is an amazing professor, and the group of kids I was taking the class with was great.

So, I stuck it out all of freshman year and into this year. Last semester we read Plato's Apology and it was great... maybe I'll put my final paper, about Socrates' views of death and how they relate to my own, up on the web at some point. This semester, we're reading the Iliad, which should be super-exciting, except that it's really not working out too well for me. I don't think I work too well with the professor, and at this point it's turned into a vicious cycle where I can't quite get myself to invest energy in the class, and so I don't get anything out of it either.

Ah, but it's almost over... and next semester I'm planning on taking my first seminar, Greek Historians. We'll read mostly Herodotus, but some Thucydides, and I have high hopes; I'd really like to get back into Greek because I feel like it has the capacity to satisfy so many of my interests... in History, Literature, storytelling...

And then there's the whole separate story of Gil, who's become my advisor and a really important mentor for me here. He's who I go talk to when I'm freaking out about all the decisions that are piling up on me, and the conversation starts out with academics and continues on into all other areas of my life... it's been really important for me to have him here as someone I can trust.

So, despite all this melodrama, I'm still a Hellenophile at heart... I have endless fantasies of living in the valleys beneath Mount Parnassos for a month or so, just writing poetry... I really want to go back to Greece. Hopefully soon I'll put some photos of my trip up on this page. In the meantime, enjoy the charioteer at Delphi.

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