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eye i feel like here more than anywhere else, there needs to be the disclaimer, warning. i don't know what the hell i'm talking about. i'm not a film theory kid, not even a movie buff. and i honestly don't watch that much tv. but nevertheless, there are certain things that have made impressions on me. check out the my so-called life page i made last semester if you're in any doubt of this. my so-called life, homicide, degrassi junior high. there were shows that i cared about, shows that i'm still passionate about. i'll talk to you about angela chase, tim bayliss, or joey jeremiah any day of the week with sparkles in my eyes. and there are movies i've loved, too. for god's sake, i saw E.T. eight times in the theater, i could recite back to the future, say anything, the thing called love, or even mallrats to you verbatim. i don't care whether or not they're good movies. don't write me telling me they suck. i really don't care. i mean, sometimes i actually love a movie because i think it's really good, not just because i love it. when i have time to say more about any of my movie or tv thoughts, you'll find them here.

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