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radio i grew up, like lots of students at swarthmore, on NPR. morning edition music played while i fixed my cereal, car talk in the car, all things considered theme music still makes me homesick for dinner cooking. it was so ubiquitous that i never thought about it, never questioned the importance of radio as a medium in my life. after about middle school, there were no music stations around that i really felt were worth listening to, and streaming realaudio hadn't been invented yet... or if it had, i sure didn't know about it. but i remember distinctly, on some college tour, they mentioned the radio station, and i remember thinking, yeah. that would be cool. and so when i got to swarthmore, i was excited about radio. i didn't get a show my first semester, but i hung out at ben and andy's tofutti cutie hour almost every week, and when second semester rolled around, aryani and i decided to get in on the action. and i've had a show on wsrn ever since. i love having access to all this cool new music, i love having another medium to express myself in. and this summer, it started to be more than just that. i'm a devout fan of this american life, a program on NPR that combines stories of people living life with great music and which i'm convinced is not only one of the best things on the radio, but also one of the best places where oral history and storytelling and art all come together to form something fresh and beautiful. i have fantasies of interning with them. it's like my dream job. so that's the brief story of me and radio, but when i have more to say, and more time to say it, i will. in the meantime though, certainly take a look at wsrn and this american life - you can listen to both on the web, and it's really worth it.

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