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compiv i've been listening to music all my life, of course. my parents played lots of good stuff when i was growing up... bob dylan, james taylor, taj majal, bonnie raitt, emmylou harris, suzanne vega, paul simon, joan baez... and i got to listen to free to be you and me, rosenshontz, pete seeger, and all this great kids music. when i was in 7th grade i fell in love with the indigo girls, because my supercool camp counsellors listened to them. when i was in 8th grade i fell in love with REM and the lemonheads. in high school i went through various love affairs with everyone from tori amos to bad religion, sonic youth to ani difranco, the poster children to morphine... that's certainly not a comprehensive list. and now that i'm in college and get to play all this great music on my radio show, there's so much more amazing stuff that i've been exposed to. right now i'm listening to godspeed you black emperor, and in a few weeks i'm going to see lucinda williams. those are just a few examples. there are so many. when there's music i want to talk about, i'll talk about it here.

i'm listening to the second track on godspeed you black emperor!'s full length album, the part 11 minutes in where it just builds to this crashing climax and then ends... it's like a wave breaking, like an orgasm, it's so beautiful. this is such a good album.
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