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ah, the links page. the page that i almost never update. not because there aren't cool websites that i visit... i guess i just figure, it's an individual journey. we all find our own stuff on the web. i feel weird making a comrehensive list of sites i visit, as if you'll enjoy them. i feel it's so personal. but here's a somewhat haphazard list. maybe it's like how, they say you can find out a lot about someone by going through their trash, or their credit card bill, or whatever. maybe you can find out about me by seeing where i go on the web. anyway, enough babbling. on to the links.

friends, family, etc.

  • my brother's page yay david!

  • talia's page my roommate's page. check out the hamsters, and her page of links, which is actually well organized and useful, in stark contrast to mine.

  • tim's page tim has a beautiful page.

  • patrick's page i don't think patrick has updated his page in a while, but he made a very cool web invitation to my birthday party. i was really excited about it. you can go look at it here.

  • maya's page maya has a really cool, beautiful, expansive page. she's a web goddess. and there are pictures of my body on her webpage, if you can find them.

  • jenny's page jenny has a very cool page. plus, she quotes me.

  • gloria's page it's only just begun, and it's already got lots of cool stuff.

    magazines 'n things...

  • BUST... my favorite zine of the new girl order. check it out.
  • my Sassy page has some links about the magazine that was my former love.
  • Nerve magazine, literate erotica, ran excerpts of Robert Olen Butler's most recent book, _The Deep Green Sea_ before it was published. He's my favorite author.
  • Brillo mag, for the "cranky feminist" has some cool articles.
  • Salon.com has so many good articles. plus, Suzie Bright and Sarah Vowell are columnists.

    Unitarian stuff

  • the UUA mainpage has lots of information.
  • my home church in Geneva, Illinois, has a webpage.
  • YRUU, or Young Religious Unitarian Universalists, has a really cool webpage.
  • the CMD page, or central midwest district, hasn't been updated in a little while, but it's still accurate and interesting. the newsletters weren't on the web when i was editor :)

    rAnDoM sTUfF

  • This American Life is my favorite radio show, and one of the best things in the world, generally.
  • Shop For Change is very important. here's why. you shouldn't buy stuff from amazon.com or cdnow or whatever, because you should support independent bookstores, music stores, etc. but sometimes you have to buy things online because you're not living in new york city and you just can't find it otherwise. so shop online if you must, but link through shopforchange, and 5% of your purchase price goes to a whole list of good organizations! it's that easy! assuage your guilt about buying online and give to charity in one easy mouse click! tell your friends! convert the world! i cannot stress this enough!
  • Even though my brother is perhaps the only one i know who could fully apprecciate this, i just felt the need to let you know that i'm entirely too obsessed with kevin smith movies, and that there's this great game out there for those who share my obsession, called "thirty-seven." (if you've seen clerks, you know.) the game involves having to identify quotes... who said em, in which movie. i'm really good at it, and play several times a week. just another bitality of information about me... i've seen mallrats more times that any of you! ha ha ha!

  • send me stuff!

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