january 4, 2001

actually i suppose it's the 5th now - after midnight. i'm not sure there's much of anything i had planned to say - but i just wanted to extend a thankyou. just yesterday, after literally months of not touching my webpage, i wrote a little something. and already i have heard from a friend, in part because of it. i go back and forth about what the use is of posting personal thoughts here, in a place where complete or partial strangers will encounter them out of context. but having a webpage has brought me a number of sparks of connection, and i feel good sometimes, knowing that some shard of me is here for people to find. i wonder what those who do not know me make of it, when they read it, because i certainly don't feel - especially now, not working on it much - like this page represents me. but how could it? maybe that's not the point.

over and out, friends.

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