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right now, i'm in about my 18th year of school of one variety or the other. which represents a good majority of my life, being that i'm not yet 21. i think i often talk about my high school experience, or my college experience, or the fact that i repeated kindergarten, as ways of telling about my life. so when i get the urge to tell those stories on the web, you can look for them here. for now, though, it's off to other stories.

my paper on the history of tampons! - you know you want to read this! i wrote it last semester for Tim Burke's Social History of Consumption. read it! - 02.10.00

it's 12:25 am now, so technically it's october 6, i guess. i just got back from paces with gloria. i've been going to paces a lot this semester, more than ever before. like, this is the third week in a row that i've gone three nights in a row. it's kind of ridiculous. i don't know. this semester is different from other semesters. much more socializing, tons more private parties, more alcohol, more debauchery in general. more fun, i guess, is how you could sum it up. more pure fun for fun's sake. it's funny how it just seems to happen that all of a sudden you're a junior and you've got this group of friends and this total social life... or at least that's how it is for me.

you can look at the list of classes i've taken at swarthmore.
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