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when i was a kid, i always had to listen to my parents' stories of their summer jobs, and what they had supposedly learned from doing things like carrying carpets, living in a giant redwood tree, or other such weird occupations. but once i began to have summer jobs of my own, i found them similarly good fodder for entertaining stories. spending a summer cleaning rooms at cute motels in maine, for instance, is much more fun to talk about than it is to do. so i talk about my jobs sometimes. i've been paid to work at a christmas store in july, had fights with mean librarians as a history department kid here at swarthmore, and plenty of others. look for fun stories of random employment here. or send me stories of your own!

i love working in the history department. i like the huge copy machine that does everything i tell it to, and i like the smell of copies, and i like that they're warm on my hands when they come out. most of all i like getting paid to sit in the office and talk to terry. terry's the history department administrative assistant. she's really cool. sometimes i sit in the history department and write email. sometimes i order books and stuff, for professors.

i also love working at a silver lining. which is my jewelry store in maine. practically all the jewelry i own is from there, especially since now that i work there i get a huge discount. and the people who work there are so cool. i'm just feeling very positively about both these jobs right now. but i also have to run. so bye.
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