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eye there is no autobiography per se... last year i read proust and realized it could take years to try to tell even one day of personal history. so this page is not an attempt at memoir; just a place to collect the stories and thoughts that don't fit into any real category other than... me.
updated 10.06.99
a place to write about my college, my high school, or just thoughts on this whole education thing.

updated 10.26.99
not a resume, so much as a place to tell stories about my various employments, and what they've taught me.
updated 09.05.99
the folks who've made my life what it is, from friends to family to total strangers.


updated 09.05.99
i have several places i call home. and then there are the places i like to visit.

updated 02.02.00
i find myself writing sometimes about my body, or sometimes a part of it.

updated 10.06.99
thoughts on religion, spirituality, god... and me.
updated 09.05.99
pictures i've scanned of me, my friends, what have you.
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