b o d y

i think sometimes about my body... my physical vs. emotional or mental self, what that means. i also think sometimes about how i look, the way my clothes or hair go through these changes, and what that says about me. also every once in a while, i get the urge to write about a body part. like when i sprained my ankle, i wrote about it on the web. when i get the urge to think out loud about my body... or other people's bodies, for that matter, or the whole notion of bodies... well then, that'll be around here somewhere.

10.06.99. 12:44am
erin sent me all this goodsmelling natural stuff to put on my body for my birthday - carrot creme for face, lemon butter for cuticles, apricot baby oil, grapeseed oil lip balm, avocado butter for hair, coconut for feet... i've been walking around all day wanting to eat my skin, it smells so good.

11.02.99 - sometimes i go out running... plus thoughts on being tired, and other things about my body...

02.02.00 - i'm in love with dancing!
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