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oh, i've been dancing lately. contact improv mostly, and it's lovely. last friday i went to a workshop with melanie kloetzel, a swat grad and choreographer. i haven't done modern since camp in junior high, when i fell in love with karen, the counselor who taught it, and i was a bit nervous to do this workshop.

i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it, and how much the skills i've learned in contact improv are applicable to other forms of dance - it's all about being in touch with your body, after all. knowing where your weight is, where your center is. also it's about having faith and confidence in that body. in its ability to do anything i want it to.

that confidence is more than anything what contact has given me. it's changed my attitude about my body so much...

i leave every class feeling so light and fluffy and filled with energy - and i've got these bruises on the backs of my shoulders from doing all these backwards somersaults, and my stomach is sore from doing backbends or something and oh! it's great!

(i feel slightly like richard brautigan in that last comment - the exclamation point or something.)
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