february 11, 2002

on friday i wished for crocuses. and then on saturday, walking with patrick, warm early afternoon after a late breakfast at the original pancake house (49er flapjacks and apple pancake), on our way to the national zoo, there they were. poking their little yellow heads out of the grass, i felt, just for me.

yesterday i saw a few more, but then today it was biting cold. on friday, i'm off to los angeles to see erin. i hope it's as warm and sunny and as tropical as southern california can possibly muster in mid-february. i'm not sure what it is that's making me long for summer so hard this year -- washington is certainly the warmest place i've ever spent a winter (excepting mexico and honduras, of course) -- and i don't think i usually lust for heat and humidity as much as i am right now.

it probably has to do with the period of transition i'm in this spring; less than three months remain until i'll be in a new city, new apartment, new job (hopefully). the city has been determined (philadelphia) but the apartment and job have not, and there is much to do in the time between now and then. summer right now means a time to be able to settle in and rest. so of course i'm looking forward to it to an unusual extent.

(also, summer will mean a dog i think. patrick will be working from home, so he'll be able to walk it during the day. i regularly torture myself by browsing the dogs available at the washington or philly humane societies, or thinking of potential dog names. i'm a little obsessed.)

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