This is the link about my family- the people who have had the biggest input in shaping my personality.

My dad and I have been singing together for fun since I was very little and we actually recorded ourselves once when I was younger. We were having lots of fun and the recordings are very informal and full of interruptions and outbursts of laughter, but I decided to include a few since I thought they would represent my family a bit better. My dad is playing the guitar and he and I are singing. Makedonsko devoiche is a traditional Bulgarian folklore song about a girl from the Macedonian region of Bulgaria. The Spanish mix is called so because we stumbled through a few songs before we both realized we wanted to sing the famous Cielito Lindo. Enjoy!

Now here is a bit more about each member of my family so that you get to know better where I am actually coming from.

My mom Evgenia Kehayova is my example for combining work and family. She is a physician of Internal Medicine at the polyclinic in my neighborhood and she is by far the most popular doctor in the area. Probably what I admire most about her is that she turned down a lot of proposals to work in larger hospitals, because she wanted to be close to home when my sister and I were growing up. She has always said that her children are her career...
My dad, Dimitar Kehayov, is one of the most enthusiastic and innovative people. He is the chairman of the Ear Ward in Regional Hospital "Dr. Racho Angelov" and works as an ottoneurologist and neurosurgeon there. Following the family tradition from my grandfather, he got his PhD in ottoneurology. What's best about him though is that he's always full of new ideas and is extremely optimistic about their outcome (I'm a bit jealous). He is the person who has always insisted that I can and should do everything by myself which turned out to be amazingly important in college.
My sister, Mirona Kehayova, is one of the most deserving people that I know. She just received the Award for the Best Pharmacy Thesis and got her Master's Degree in Pharmacy with the highest GPA in her class. Though our personalities and appearance are as different as they can be in sisters, we get along really well and I can't imagine having grown up without her :-)
And last, but absolutely not least, is my dog- Argus. We named him after the faithful dog of Odysseus. If not that faithful, he's exceptionally friendly and loving and I would give a lot to be able to have him with me here.


This is my sister and I (I am the younger one) when I was only 2 and she was already helping me learn how to make my way around in the world. Right here she is teaching me how to cross the street...

This is my whole family at one of our summer hiking trips. The picture was taken after walking about 25 km through one of the highest mountains in Bulgaria- The Rhodopes.