This page is dedicated to links of groups we've heard at Swarthmore and groups we've talked to and would like to sing with. So here they are:

Brown Derbies

Stanford Harmonics

Stanford Fleet Street Singers

Oberlin Obertones

Carleton Knights (They don't have a web page)

Goucher Red Hot Blue

Stanford Counterpoint

Tufts Amalgamates

Loyala College Chimes

Some other a cappella sites: These guys put out BOCA (Best Of College A cappella) and hold the National Championship of Collegiate A cappella (, also known as Primarily A Cappella. They have a catalog, a reasoning for the true spelling of "A Cappella", and some other cool stuff., the Contemporary A cappella Society of America. For a small fee ($15 or $30) they'll send you arrangements and whatnot. Check it out.