Great News, I Met Thad!!

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Hi, you've surfed on in to my little address on the information superhighway! I'm so glad that you caught the wave!!
This page is dedicated to all things me, for your benefit!! So take a breather from the fast-paced workaday world, but be sure to wipe your feet first!

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These are my friends:

I like to eat crackers.

If I had time, I'd make a page dedicated to the happiest fat man alive, but sorry Al, I can't fit you into my busy schedule!!!

Instead, I'm working on a page dedicated to a man of far, far more importance... The first Thad Bosley fan club page on the net!!

If you didn't know about a totally useful page, check out Yahoo! To go to the best bookstore on the web, amazon.com, click here!

And my page wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a SUPER LINKS PAGE for my favorite sites and my friends' pages!

Mail me with any questions or suggestions! I love email! And it's FREE!!

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