The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond

This has the same melody as its Irish sister Red is the Rose, the only difference being that "Loch Lomond" is in strathspey time.

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomon'
Where me and me true love were ewer wont to gae
On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomon'

O, you taek the high road and I'll taek the low road
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye
But me and me true love will ne'er meet again
On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomon'

'Twas there that we parted in yon shady glen
On the steep steep side o' Ben Lomon'
Where in deep purple hue the hieland hills we view
An' the moon comin' out in the gloomin'


The wee birdies sing and the wild flo'oers spring
An' in sunlight the waters are sleepin'
But the broken heart will ken nae second spring again
And the world may not know how we're meetin'