The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. -- Victor Hugo

Ah, wonderful SWIL -- the campus organization that people either love or are frightened out of their socks by....

Stephanie Drinkard: aka Me -- a gummi bear gnome's bestest friend. Besides having a fantastic poetry page. She's the crazy literary sort: she voluntarily is attending Macalester College in Minnesota. This from the girl who would wear jeans in the middle of a Virgina summer....

Melissa Binde '98: without whose help this page would never had happened.

Anna Hess '00: my little pineapple. (I mutate "Anna" into "Anana," which sounds identical to "ananas," which is French for pineapple....)

Kyla Tornheim '01: one o my wonderful quint-mates, and probably my very first close friend here at Swat. One of the Three Graces. Ling ling ling ling ling.... :-)

Catherine Osborne '01 (page temporarily non-existent): third of the trio, and another quint-mate. And a guttersnipe.

Julie Kennedy '00: technically, she's fellow freshling, but she's graduating in three years, the doofus! She lived in my dorm our frosh year, and we like to be purply weird together!

Audrey Walton-Hadlock '99: She was our pet senior in the quint 1998-99. We love her very much, even if she did leave us and get married!! Audrey West, now.... *sigh*

Alastair Thompson '99: a very, very nifty guy and fellow Scottish Country dancer.

Chuck Groom '00: a fellow rat lover and good little Quaker. We love Chuck. :-)

Will Quale '00

chaos golubitsky '00: recently made her robot for her AI class play "The Star of the County Down" and waltz to it -- quite well, in fact.

Scott Price '00: "You have a lot of karmic fruit coming your way...."

Joel McNary '98: is very, very silly, and very, very bouncy. "Hex, Joel, hex!"

Chris Fanjul '00

Stephanie Dyrkacz '98: now Stephanie Weidner....

Dan Fairchild '03

Hollis Easter '03 One really awesome Dorkboy. He made the purple page.

Amber Miller is a crazy looney from high school. BANANA!