Ben's Links

This page is my repository for links to other websites of interest, organized by topic.

Life Links

Religion (in Practice)

Congregation Beth Israel — my synagogue community
Delaware Valley Reclaiming — my pagan community
The Broom Closet — Philadelphia area pagan community calendar — a repository of Jewish rituals, especially feminist ones
Jewitchery — online forum for "Jewish witches and witchy Jews"
Walking The Path — stories by pagans about their magical experiences

Science-Fiction Conventions

GAFilk — filk relaxacon, January, Atlanta, GA
Consonance — filk convention, March, Milpitas, CA (near San Jose)
The Northeast Filk Convention — June/July, rotating locations along BosWash corridor
Confluence — small literary con with good filking, July/August, Pittsburg, PA
The Ohio Valley Filk Festival — the worldcon of filk, late October, Dublin, OH (near Columbus)
Philcon — regional science fiction convention, December (for now), Philadelphia, PA

Work Links

Recent Employers

I Do Foundation — bringing charitable giving to weddings (me: web design/maintenance)
IRCS IEBL — annotating biomedical text for information extraction (me: annotation, web/database design)
IRCS Xtag — a computational linguistics research project (me: staff programmer)

Programming References,, CPAN — Perl, the pathetically eclectic rubbish lister practical extraction and report language
Java — Sun's portable, object-oriented language: write once, compile once, debug everywhere!
The Art of Unix Programming — ESR's sweeping, Talmudic why-to (not how-to) book on the shared culture of Unix

Education (So Far)

Swarthmore College
Lowell High School (and its nationally acclaimed student newspaper)
San Francisco Day School

Views Links

Religion (in Theory)

JRF — the umbrella organization of Reconstructionist Judaism
Tikkun Magazine — a Jewish magazine with a Renewal perspective
The Shalom Center — a network of American Jews dedicated to the pursuit of peace
Jewitchery — online forum for "Jewish witches and witchy Jews"
The Witches' Voice — the premier Wiccan web portal
Beliefnet — general religion portal, magazine, and forum

Free Culture/Geek Activism

Electronic Frontier Foundation — the ACLU of cyberspace
Free Software Foundation — that's "free" as in "freedom" — and it's not just for software anymore
Creative Commons — like copyright, only balanced
Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons

Song Links

Filk Music Links

About Filk

The Dandelion Report
Kay Shapero's Filk FAQ
Darn Near All the Filk on the Web

Filk Lyrics

John C. Bunnell
Echo's Children
Gary Ehrlich
Blake Hodgetts
Mike Rubin
Steve Savitzky
Tom Smith
Dave Weingart

Filk Sounds

Leslie Fish MP3s
Virtual Filksing
Videogame Music Archive

Professional Filkers and Groups

Chris Conway
Three Weird Sisters

Topical Filksong Collections

Computer Songs and Poems

Story Links

Literature Links

Strange Horizons — weekly speculative fiction webzine
World of Froud — Brian Froud's official website
The Endicott Studio — dedicated to the creation and support of mythic art
The Invisible Library — a bibliography of fictional books
The P-Zone — Daniel Pinkwater fan site
Fables — quarterly folklore and speculative fiction webzine
Project Gutenberg — online repository of public domain texts

TV & Movie Links — the official Star Wars site — the official Star Trek site — the Sci-Fi Channel website
TheOneRing.netLord of the Rings fan site
TheForce.netStar Wars fan site
The Internet Movie Database

Game Links

Game Creators and Sellers

Looney Labs
Cheapass Games
Tom Jolly's games
Funagain Games

About Games

BoardGameGeek — extensive fan-created database of boardgame reviews
The Games Journal — a monthly boardgaming webzine
Two Player Games — a list of games for two players, compiled from
GameFAQs — hints, tips, amd walkthroughs for (almost) every video game ever

Online Gaming

Skotos — an online multiplayer interactive fiction RPG company
Baf's Guide — well-organized portal to the Interactive Fiction Archive

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