Table of Contents

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  • Short Bio

    Stories & Essays by Borges:

  • The Library of Babel
  • The Zahir
  • Circular Ruins
  • Borges and I
  • The Mirrors of Enigma

    Poems by Borges:

  • Limits
  • Susana Soca
  • The History of Night
  • The Art of Poetry
  • Remorse for any Death
  • That One
  • Instants
  • Elegy

    Compare and Contrast Essays on Borges:

  • Consciousness: Funes vs. Meursault
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Isabel Allende

    Critical Essays on Borges:

  • Communal Women
    {a great essay!}
  • Books in the Library

  • Borgesian Story


  • The Borges Center!
    this is a great site, with a link to a very cool Borges page.